Dining Experience At Mamitas Bulaluhan Baguio City

To be honest i started to do away with going to restaurants that serves greasy food, but in my search for great soup and bulalo in Baguio City, since it is the rainy season, i guess it can’t be helped that i have to try another “bulaluhan” in Baguio City. Let’s face it, the first impression when you say Bulalo is the fatty soup coming from the fats of the beef.

Entering Mamitas Bulaluhan in Baguio City

Mamitas Bulalo is located along Leonardwood Road, beside several food establishments along that road, it should not be too difficult to find, if you know where 50’s diner is in Leonardwood road then you’re close. It was raining when we arrived at the restaurant, it was past lunch time so obviously there were lesser diners, i think it was just a group then us. We opted to stay at the upper floor to experience the ambiance, upon going up you will be greeted by a videoke TV with the preset songs playing in the background. The second floor gives you a top view of part of Leonardwood Road at one side and the city or at least part of it at the other side. The view indeed is great when you dine at the second floor.bul

This Will Greet You at the Second Floor

The Mamitas Bulalo

The Mamitas Bulalo Look Less Fat!

There are only a few choices of Filipino dishes at the menu of Mamitas so we chose their best seller and the jolly waitress informed us that their best sellers are the Bulalo (obviously) and the Sizzling Pork Sisig. So that’s what we ordered, the Bulalo comes with unlimited rice so those who are really hungry could eat more. When the Bulalo arrived it was then that we realized that it is good for two although the unli rice is only applicable to one person. I was so surprised with their bulalo because of the fact that you will see only a few oil droplets on the soup which means that it contains a little fat as compared to the other bulalo being served in Baguio City. This is also evident due to the fact that the meat or the bulalo in the soup is mostly meat, and with little fat, topped with veggies and now that’s a bulalo for the health conscious especially so that their soup does not taste salty at all.

Mamitas Bulalo With Veggies

The Sizzling Pork Sisig

It would seem that this restaurant’s theme is adding healthy ingredients in the dishes known to be unhealthy,  their pork sisig is not made entirely of minced pork fats and minced pork ears, it also added with tofu so if you think of it you are not eating pure fat but also a healthy serving of tofu. The sisig is topped with fresh egg with the yolk. Although maybe because of the Baguio temperature the hot plate easily turned cold so the egg on top was quite raw, but as we mixed everything together slowly cooked. The taste? well lets just say the taste of the sisig made it one of their best sellers, it was really good.

The Mamitas Sizzling Pork Sisig

The Dining Experience

View From the Second Floor 2

The dining experience was good as it has a great ambiance on the second floor, the waitress was so kind and entertained all our questions and was honest enough to admit that most if not some of those in the menu are not available at the moment. I wish that they have more choices in the menu and i wish their mexican dishes were available when we visited the place, i was craving for tacos eversince i tried Rubios in the US. I will definitely go back and eat bulalo again at Mamitas especially during the cold and rainy afternoons in Baguio City.


View From the Second Floor

The Mamitas Bulaluhan Baguio Menu

The Menu At Mamitas
The Menu at Mamitas Bulaluhan
The Menu The Other Side

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