The Discovery Of Baguio City 2 – A Walk In Baguio History

Trees of Baguio At Convention Center Present Day

As the team of Dean Worcester arrived in what is now known to be Baguio City, they proceeded with their journey to Benguet and they arrived at a “knife-sharp crest of a ridge” where they had a good view of the Trinidad Valley at sunset. In his memoir Dean Worcester described the Trinidad Valley as a huge wash basin  with it’s floor vividly green because of its growing rice. Trinidad valley is dotted with igorot houses, an evidence that indeed, a community was established by the Spaniards in this part of the Cordillera.

Upon their arrival in the Trinidad Valley the team of Dean Worcester “received a letter from Otto Scheerer the only white resident of Benguet”. The letter is an invitation for their team to make Otto Scheerer’s house as their headquarters in Baguio. Upon their arrival in Baguio Dean Worcester described the place as:

“the country was gently rolling, its elevation ranging from 4,500 to 5,200 feet. The hills were covered with short, thick grass and magnificent pine trees which for the most part grew at considerable distance from each other while along the streams there were wonderful tree ferns and luxuriant tangles of beautiful tropical vegetation”

The team of Dean Worcester was to determine if Baguio could be a future site for a city. One of the requirement is if there is an ample water supply to sustain a city, Dr. Scheerer guided the team of Worcester to a place where one can find, as described by Worcester in his memoir as a “spring of crystal clear water”. According to his memoir the spring was flowing about a million gallons per day. It was then that Dean Worcester said this in his memoir:

“It burst forth [water] from a hillside in such a manner as to make its protection from surface drainage easy, and we decided that there was nothing lacking to make Baguio, an admirable site for the future summer capital and health resort of the Philippines.”


Quotes and Data From: Memoirs of Baguio by Gutierrez, Wilson and Concepcion, 1960

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