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Green Pepper

The making of a dish is supposed to be considered an art, food is said to nourish not only the body but also the soul. Indeed when one eats a food cooked by another it is like taking in the skills and the art into his or her body. Our body is our domain and we should always take good care of it, this is what cooks and chefs should understand especially when cooking a dish for someone else. Chefs should respect their client’s body by serving them natural, organic, delicious and healthy food. The only way for your cooking to be considered an art is if you are able to showcase the “umami” of the flavors of your dish through proper seasoning and a mixture of natural herbs and spices. Not the kind where you just put in flavor enhancers like monosodium glutamate in different forms and then be done with it. As a food lover i take it as an insult if my food is laced with unnatural flavor enhancers.

Good thing, Baguio City is a place where you can get good and quality vegetables, herbs and spices. In this series of where to eat in Baguio, we will explore and give recommendations on where you should really eat and feel that your body is respected by the people or the chefs who cooked the dishes. Let’s start with Green Pepper.

Fish and Chips

Enter Green Pepper Baguio

Green Pepper is one of our highly recommended restaurant to get good food. This restaurant’s theme is more than just the common pizza pasta restaurant that is actually popping up like mushrooms in Baguio City, no, Green pepper has a soul behind its food and the way their food is made. A first glance at their menu would give you an impression that their style of cooking is based on international cuisine, but take a closer look and you will see that their dishes or some of it is a fusion of gourmet dish and local dish. You must try their kiniing, a “sinigang-like” dish that uses a traditional smoked meet that is usually done in the cordilleras. The technique of smoking the meat was used before the advent of the refrigerator in order to preserve the meat, the smoky taste enhanced the flavor of the meat and it complimented the tamarind soup base.

The Gourmet Pork At Green Pepper

The Gourmet Pork At Green Pepper

At Green Pepper, I am a fan of their gourmet pork, it is a simple dish really, pork slowly cooked and marinated in barbecue sauce, with a side of vegetables, ranch dressing and rice, although i always order this with a side of mashed potato. The presentation is art on a plate and the best part is, the food tastes great, the port is cooked to tender perfection and almost melting in your mouth. As I see and dig in to my plate of pork goodness i feel the skill and the dedication into making this food, of course for the chef it might just be all in a day’s work but for me it is skill and art on a plate.

Chicken Pockets are also Art On A Plate

Green Pepper really hits the mark when it comes to fusion and gourmet dishes. As for the price? well healthy food trumps price anytime, i would rather pay 200 pesos for a meal than 90 pesos for a dish that will eventually destroy my body.

Pork Pot Roast

Where is Green Pepper?

Green Pepper is located at the Ketchup Food Community, their restaurant is located at back part of the compound, just go straight from the entrance until you reach the back part and there you will see the restaurant that serves art on a plate.

Apple Pie For Dessert

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