5 Places In Baguio City Where You Can Be Alone And Think

Growing up in Baguio City,  I have learned that apart from the cold weather, the City of Pines also have several places where you can be alone to think and be inspired. The lush green grass, the tall trees or even the colorful flowers blooming as it is kissed by the morning dew are enough to spark your creative thinking. However, to think and to be inspired sometimes means that you have to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you have to find a place where you can be alone, a quiet place where you can hear yourself think. There are of course a lot of places in Baguio City that allows you to have that time to think. I have outlined some of the places which i think would be the good places in Baguio City that will not only allow you to be alone and think but also to start your creative juices flowing, the list is not ranked or not in any particular order.

1. Panagbenga Park – located along Loakan road just before the former 1st Gate of Camp John Hay, this small park would take you five minutes to explore. Although located adjacent to the road where many vehicles are passing by, the Panagbenga Park is still a good place to be alone and think, this is because not  too many people frequent this place except during the Panagbenga season. In addition the different flowering plants, pine trees, totem poles and the dap-ayan are placed in such a way that you feel like you are transported in a different world, a place of solace.

This Will Greet You At The Panagbenga Park
Path to the Pole
The Dap-ayan

2. Baguio Botanical Garden – although frequented by lots of tourists the Botanical Garden is still a nice place to think and be alone. This is because of the fact that the entire Botanical Garden is huge and you are bound to find your own personal private space. Not to mention the fact that you are also able to commune with nature as the Botanical Garden is home to different species of trees and plants. If you want to find more inspiration while at the Botanical Garden, you can visit the artist’s gallery found inside the house made of mud at the middle of Botanical Garden. The best part about the Botanical Garden is the peace and serenity that manifests after you have found your private thinking spot.


3. Pine Trees of The World Park – I might not be accurate with the name but this is the name that i came to know. Anyway the Pine Trees Of The World Park is located just in front of the Home Sweet Home entrance or beside the Baguio City Host Lions Club building. This park is not so much frequented by tourists, inside this park you will find tall pine trees rooted on the ground covered by green grass. There are also some benches and tables made for those who would like to rest and think. At the middle of the park you will find a shrine, i am not just sure if it is Japanese or Korean shrine. Although using the bench would be nice i’d prefer lying on the grass carpet and marvel at the tall pine trees as i commune with nature and myself.

The pathway into the Pine Trees Of The World
The Different Pine Trees of the World
The Shrine
Lie Down and Look Up


4. Camp John Hay – parts of the former American Base was already developed for commercial use thus inviting people to this place, however the characteristic of Camp John Hay as a place of healing, peace and recreation is still prevalent in some parts of the camp. What works best for me if i am at this place is if I jog in the morning from the gate near the Baguio Country Club up to the gate beside the Technohub and finding solace in between. In the morning before the business starts to open is the best time for those who are seeking a quiet place to think and be inspired with nature’s beauty. The morning dew trickling down the pine needles and the leaves of other trees and shrubs displays a refreshing sight.

Inside Camp John Hay




5. Mary Knoll Ecological Sanctuary – established by the Maryknoll sisters in 1928 as a school which was later turned into an ecological sanctuary after the 1990 earthquake which made the sisters realize the importance of saving our natural resources, since then they have put all their energy to this advocacy. To educate their visitors a tour around the ecological sanctuary would show the different era as the earth was formed. In every era there are different structures that represents such. Of course being a sanctuary, this place is really quiet and you can truly commune with nature and with yourself as you walk around this eco-park.

Commune With Nature
The Bridge

In Conclusion

Baguio City’s weather and its natural beauty makes it as a good place to think, and to spark ones creativity. Many artists visits Baguio City in order to find inspiration and some of them have never left and built their home in the City of Pines. Got something to think about? Commune with nature and with yourself visit these places or just pick one.

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