Baguio City Taxi Chronicle: An Experience On The Unknown

Aside from being known as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is also popular for many ghost stories. Blame it on the quietness of most of the areas in Baguio City or the fact that the City was witness to many deaths during the 2nd World War and the 1990 killer earthquake, many residents in Baguio have had their share of experience on the unknown. But because of urbanization and technology many have forgotten some of these stories and many brushes it off and ignored it. Lakbay Baguio is out to find if people in Baguio City still experience encounters with the unknown, unexplained and frightening. We thought…who better to talk to but those going around Baguio City at night. So we called up our taxi driver friend and one night we decided to chat with him while going around Baguio City. Instead of writing his story, we captured our conversation using our phone.

The Story Captured On Video:


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