Baguio City Taxi Driver Returned P120,000 Left In His Taxi

I always recommend to my friends from outside of Baguio City to take the taxi especially when travelling to a place not familiar to my friends. After they ride the taxi the common feedback that i get from them is, your taxi drivers here are very honest! they give your change even if it is just one peso! For those who have been in other places and tried riding a taxi most of their drivers would not return your change voluntarily unless you ask for it and sometimes the drivers would even tell you that its your tip to them, i experienced this when i was in Bangkok and countless times that my change was not returned when i was in the Philippines’ capital.

Ok so Baguio Taxi drivers are honest and gives your one peso change but what about if its P120,000? I guess the answer is yes, Honesty still prevails. This was exhibited by a taxi driver by the name of Venancio Peralta. On the Facebook Post of Franc Hidalgo, he narrated that he forgot his bag inside the taxi that Mr. Venancio Peralta was driving, the bag contained Franc’s sunglasses, iPad, documents and P120,000, unfortunately the passenger was not able to get the taxi’s plate number and name after he disembarked from the vehicle.

Let the Franc through his facebook post tell the rest of the story…

Many are saying that there are no honest people left, well these acts of honesty and kindness proved them wrong and that we should all follow Mr. Peralta’s example and the examples of all the Baguio City taxi drivers who are honest and does not try to profit by conning their passengers out of whatever change or amount. Kudos to you Mr. Venancio Peralta and we know that your honesty will be rewarded by God in ten folds one way or another.

Photos taken from Franc Hidalgo’s Facebook post with his permission

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