The Different Sunsets in Baguio City

Walking around Baguio City makes you discover things that are in plain sight that you were not able to notice before. Sometimes, stopping and looking up the sky will also reveal several beautiful sights. One of them is the beautiful cloud formation painted by the colors of the sunset. Sunsets in Baguio City are really stunning especially with the city and mountainscapes at the background. Aside from the ukay-ukay, tourist destinations and the cool weather, sunsets can also be an attraction if weather permits of course. Here are some of the sunset photos i chanced upon during my walk this year.

A photo i took when i was at Asin Road On my way Back To Baguio City


This photo was taken when i was at the overpass along Harrison Road connecting UC and BCNHS


Sunset Taken when i was at SM


Beautiful Cloud Formation Painted By the Colors of the Sunset at Engineer’s Hill Baguio City


Sunset taken on January 1, 2014 New Year’s Day.


The Perfect colors of Sunset With The Mountains of Baguio in the background.

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