Five Restaurants In Baguio City Serving Rice Toppings

Ok I know that there are more than five restaurants serving rice toppings in the City of Baguio what we have in the list are the five restaurants where i’ve tried their rice toppings. Ok so what is a rice toppings? Rice toppings as far as i know is a plate full of dishes, it is what i consider as a complete meal because your practically have everything on one plate. The rice toppings in the different restaurants in Baguio City has one anatomy (or at least their main type of rice topping), it consists of a piece of fried chicken, pork slices covered in vegetables cooked chop seuy style, a cup of rice and topped with a sunny-side up egg. This type of dish is popular among Baguio locals not only because of its generous servings but also because it is very affordable. Here in Baguio there are five restaurants where i got to try their rice toppings and not only try but kept coming back.

Where to Eat In Baguio ? Any Restaurants Serving Rice Toppings!

    • Good Taste Restaurant – their version of the rice topping includes a huge portion of chicken, two to three slices of lechon kawali, two slices of meat which is covered by a generous serving of sauteed vegetables cooked chop suey style. For around P100 you will be able to have a full meal! Just order service water if you’re really on a budget. Good taste restaurant has two locations, one at Otek Street and another at their original location near the Dangwa terminal behind Baguio Center Mall.
    • Jacks Restaurant – im not sure if Good Taste or Jack’s was the original restaurant who served the first rice toppings in Baguio City, but Jacks do have a great back story on their rice toppings which you can read on their menu if you are eating at their branch at the former empire cinema at abanao street. The story goes like this, a farm owner who is a foreigner was served lunch everyday by his chef at their restaurant and there were different dishes like the ones you see on the rice toppings today, the farmer said to his chef to put everything on one plate next time so that it would be easier for him to eat and there will be less plates to use. People dining at their restaurant started to notice the mixed dishes on one plate and began ordering what the foreigner farmer is having and thus the rice toppings was born in their menu, well at least that’s how i remembered the story written on Jacks menu.
    • Marosan’s Restaurant – when i was in college i always frequent this place which was originally located behind the SLU Otto Hahn building, at present their restaurant is now located beside the Addessa Appliance Store fronting Saint Louis University at Bonifacio Street. Their menu and prices i think caters to the hungry college student, more affordable than the first two restaurants but of course the servings are just right and not as generous as the first two. The only difference i think would be that Marosan’s Rice Toppings comes with a small bowl of soup. For P72 you can already have a full Marosans Rice Topping meal! Add a P15 worth of 500ml water and you have a complete meal for under a hundred.
The Marosan’s Rice


  • Axes Restaurant – I bet you haven’t heard of Axes restaurant? Unless of course you frequent the area of Pacdal or the road going to Mines view just beside the Rizal Elementary School. Axes looks like a garage that was turned into a restaurant, its modest tables is not a turn-off to many tourists especially if they taste their food. Then again the main purpose of a restaurant is to serve good, clean food first before worrying about the ambiance. What is different about Axes rice toppings is that in the  three times that i’ve eaten at their restaurant i am not really sure if they intentionally or unintentionally put in very little salt into their rice toppings. Which i thought is a good idea since you can improve the flavor by using soy sauce, calamansi juice and chili.
  • Central Park Restaurant – of course this restaurant is known mainly for their modern take on chinese dishes, but yes they do serve rice toppings. The difference is that they have applied chinese style cooking into the mix giving their rice toppings that unique chinese dish touch. Of the five, Central parks’ version of the rice toppings is the only one that has given attention to cooking the egg perfectly, either that or the chef was in a good mood when i ordered their rice toppings. For over a hundred pesos, their rendition of the rice toppings is also worth it.

Rice Toppings and More Rice Toppings?

If you are famished or maybe just plainly craving for some rice toppings or maybe you cannot decide on where to eat in baguio city? Then head over to one of these restaurants and order their rice toppings, you get to eat a delicious filling meal for a very affordable price.


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