We Found The Yamashita Treasure

They said Baguio City was one of the destinations traversed by the Tiger of Malaya, General Tomoyuki Yamashita when they were running from the Filipino and American soldiers during the end of World War 2. Many also have said that Yamashita’s troops had buried several treasures in different parts of Baguio City. Unfortunately, this story is not about finding those treasures, sorry to disappoint.

This is the story on how we finally found a place where you could taste and eat delicious Ramen. If you are fond of Japanese food and have been around Baguio City for a considerable amount of time, you would have discovered that there are only a handful if not around two or three shops that serve Ramen and we mean those serving purely Japanese ramen and not fused with Korean dishes. I can mention a few Japanese restaurants unfortunately only one restaurant is focused in serving Japanese Ramen.

I have been passing by the corner of Leonardwood road and Upper General Luna for several years now however i haven’t had the chance to try eating at this small Japanese Restaurant called Yamashita. However, call it lucky that the other restaurants nearby are full and several customers just left Yamashita’s that we were able to find a seat.

Inside Yamashita’s Restaurant Baguio

Yes that’s all to it inside this Japanese restaurant a bar type dining area, although at night you could also find seat at their outdoor al fresco dining area (at the sidewalk), which gives you a feel of eating at the night market along the streets of Malaysia. Anyway, we got settled in on the “bar” and placed our order.

I Got Ramen In Yamashita’s Restaurant Baguio


I ordered their pork Ramen of regular size, their regular sized ramen comes in a big bowl so you could say it is not so regular. See that glass beside the Ramen Bowl? That is their special condiment, their own version of the chili oil. The soup was still piping hot when i started to sip some of those soup and it was delicious. You could really taste the pork flavor infused in the broth and the noodles. The thinly sliced pork is also a good compliment to the entire Ramen, as well as the egg and that small sheet of nori. The flavors were fused perfectly that my tastebuds wanted more despite the burning sensation i get while sipping the hot broth.

Ramen Tastes Good With Gyoza

We ordered Gyoza for an additional P120 pesos or so (i completely forgot the exact price) but for me since Ramen tastes even better with gyoza we had to order one and their Gyoza servings were of good sizes and it compliments the Ramen well.

Not Much Drink Choices

Well unlike other restaurant in Baguio City that one page is dedicated to their list of drinks on the menu, Yamashita doesn’t have too much choices of drinks. You can just order service water, bottled water, green tea or Sake. Just something to wash down the delicious Ramen would be enough.

Did We Find Treasure in Yamashita Restaurant?

Yes we did! With the scarcity of authentic Ramen shop in Baguio City stumbling upon a restaurant that focuses on serving Ramen is truly a treasure. So whenever you get that craving for Ramen, ditch the artificial noodles in a cup, go to Yamashita’s “Ramen House” Restaurant and start sipping the delicious broth.

Map To Yamashita’s Treasure In Baguio City(The Ramen House I Mean)

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