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Baguio City is frequented by Koreans not only because of the cold weather, but also to learn English. It is because of their influx that prompted the sprouting of different Korean restaurants in Baguio City. We have tried several Korean restaurants already however we always comeback to this particular restaurant, blame it on their location, good food or cozy tables. Every time we eat at this restaurant I always order their Spicy Seafood Ramyeon, especially on a cold day this dish is really perfect.

The Seafood Ramyeon At Gogi Nara Baguio

The Seafood Ramyeon is definitely a dish to order whenever you feel cold or if you got the colds. Why? It’s so spicy it can heat up your body and clear up your clogged nasal passages. The red broth is fair warning that this dish is really really hot. Their seafood ramyeon is composed of a red spicy broth, bits of mushrooms, squid, tiny clam shells and a pair of shrimps. I always believe that to make a good ramen or ramyeon one must have a good broth for a base. At Gogi Nara, the broth is perfect and the ingredients were perfectly cooked. The only thing that i can comment on maybe is that their clam shells are too tiny that my chopsticks are unable to separate the meat from the shell of the clam.

The Spicy Seafood Ramyeon, Notice the Tiny Shells and the Red Hot Broth?


Bento Samgyeopsal  At Gogi Nara Baguio

For the hungry yet diet conscious, Gogi Nara serves a healthy serving of their bento meals, there are many choices however, we suggest trying out their Samgyeopsal Meals. Their bento meals comes with vegetable side dishes, a soup, your main dish (the samgyeopsal which contains roasted pork slices, a special sauce and lettuce to wrap everything with) and a generous serving of mountain red rice. Their bento meals costs about 150-180 pesos depending on the type of dish.

The Gogi Nara Baguio Bento Samgyeopsal

Don’t Forget the Side Dishes

The best thing about eating Korean food at a Korean Restaurant is the fact that they serve side dishes. No, you do not have to ask for it, it comes with a meal that you have chosen, except for the Bento meals because your side dishes are included already at the Bento. I love their marble potato side dish as it gives an earthy sweet taste.

The delicious side dishes at Gogi Nara

In Conclusion:

Gogi Nara has yet to give me a reason to stop going to their restaurant, i hope that me or my family will not be given any reason. I am particularly satisfied with the quality of food that they have been serving to us for the several times that we have eaten at Gogi Nara and I hope that the same high quality of dishes that they serve will remain constant if not improved.

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