5 Ways To Protect Yourself From The Cold Weather In Baguio City

Foggy and Cold Baguio City

We recently blogged about the dropping temperature in Baguio City, and today residents and tourists have experienced the coldest temperature in the City of Baguio upon the entry of the cold season or the “amihan” in the Philippines. Normally, in Baguio City the weather drops to single digit during the months of January and the first week of February. This year however, we are already experiencing near the single digit mark in temperature in the month of November.

Our Weather App Says 14 degrees but PAGASA says its 12.5 degrees celsius


Protect Yourself

So what do we do in order to protect ourselves from the cold weather?

1. Bring out those thick blankets and Jacket – protection for the cold is really important, do not let yourself catch a cold or the flu during this season, it would be wise to always bring a jacket with you especially if you know that you will be staying out of your house until evening when the temperature really drop. In Baguio, you will experience the temperature swings from cold to hot to cold in just one day. It is cold early in the morning and in the evening while temperature goes up midday. So if you think it is hot and bringing your jacket is unnecessary, think again.

2. Load Up On Vitamin C – again you will never enjoy the cold weather if you are sick, so this is a great time to load up on those vitamin C, good thing, you can buy lemon or lime or even calamansi for just 10 to 20 pesos at the public market of Baguio City, nothing beats taking in natural vitamins.

3. Honey – aside from the abundance of vitamin C packed lemons you can also buy honey from the Baguio City Market, we suggest that you buy only those that are manufactured by trusted honey manufacturers in Baguio City. We always choose the honey produced either by SLU-EISSIF or that of the Kerobee Farms, these two are the honey producers in Baguio City and their products are of highest quality. We are saying this because we actually tried and are continuously using their product up to today and not for any other reason.

4. Bonnets, Gloves and Socks – there are times that the temperature really drops to unbearable degree that putting on a thick jacket is not enough that you have to augment your cold protection gear with bonnets for your head, gloves for your freezing hands and socks for your feet. Good thing these items are easy to find, just visit the basement of Maharlika Livelihood Center to purchase these much needed cold protector.

5. Jog – this is a good time to start moving those muscles, an early morning jog around burnham park will not only keep you fit it will also keep you active for the whole day and your blood pumping to your veins to keep you warm. This is not the time to be stationary, this is the time to move and enjoy the morning or afternoon breeze.

With a healthy body that is also well protected from the cold you will definitely enjoy the cool weather in Baguio City.

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