The First Hobbyist Convention In Baguio City

The NorthHobCon 2014

On December 13-14, 2014 Baguio City will be the venue for the First NorthHobCon (North Hobbyist Convention). To differentiate from other Con’s that are already happening in Baguio City, the NorthHobCon is the first in Baguio to showcase a diverse group of hobbies. Audiences will be treated and exposed to different kinds of hobbies and communities in the Baguio City and North Luzon. The NorthHobCon is a platform or a place where hobbyists will be able to showcase their hobbies and in the process inspire others to join in their hobby.

The event will happen at the tent area of Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio Tent Area , and the exhibits are categorized into the following hobbies:

1. Food – here audience and participants of the NorthHobCon will be able to food products that were produced by exhibitors out of their hobby in baking or cooking.

2. Tech – audience will be able to see several hobbies that are relating to Tech which includes Games from GameX and SMART, since programming is also a hobby and sometimes begins as a hobby just like the guys from Codestack who will be exhibiting their skills and knowledge in programming. Or how about a group of student exhibitors whose hobby is to develop games? Or maybe you want to join a faction in the Ingress Booth? All these are in the Tech Lane.

3. Film and Photography – if you want to capture the beauty of nature or of people through photos or document it through film then the film and photography lane is for you. Young exhibitors whose hobby is to take photos and film will be exhibiting their works at the Film and Photography lane.

4. Hobbies Turned To Business – who says you cannot earn from your hobby? These exhibitors have proven that your hobby could also earn you a living, from arts and crafts to making different types of accessories these hobbyists turned entrepreneurs will show you how to turn your hobby into business.

5. Toys and Collectibles – looking for something to give this Christmas? You might want to visit the toys and collectibles lane during the northhobcon. We have exhibitors like Honor’s Ground, LT Toys and Collectibles, Jester and Baguio Table Top and more who will be showcasing their different toys and collectibles. You might find something that you want or want to give this Christmas.

During the two day event the Organizers also have prepared several programs on stage like acoustic music, talk and tutorials from hobbyists and the grand finale a Cosplay Competition from the different cosplayers of Baguio City and North Luzon.

Cosplay Competition Mechanics

NorthHobCon In Brief

Date: December 13-14, 2014

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Azalea Hotels and Residences

Ticket Price: P30.00

The NorthHobCon is made Possible By SMART , GameX and Azalea Hotels and Residences 


Map to the Venue:

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