Five Places In Baguio City That Makes You Feel Christmas


That Christmas Spirit

It’s two or three days to go before Christmas (depending 0n your timezone) are you feeling that holiday cheer yet? Or are you still bothered by work, study or the Christmas rush and you do not really feel that Christmas is almost near. Sometimes because of work and other things bothering our mind we tend to forget how it really feels like during Christmas. Problem is when we let these things bother us we wouldn’t notice that Christmas has passed and we failed to get that excitement and that magical feeling that we usually feel every Christmas especially way back when we were a child.

Baguio City and Christmas

I have tried spending Christmas in other parts of the Philippines and unfortunately nothing comes close to Christmas in Baguio City for the sole reason that the weather adds a lot to the Christmas feel especially when you attend the “Simbang Gabi” or the evening mass on the 24th of December. Now if you do not feel that Christmas Spirit yet up to today maybe it’s time to reconnect with your inner Child and to help you out here are five places in Baguio City that you can visit to feel the Christmas Spirit.

The Five Places In Baguio City To Make You Feel Christmas

The list is not ranked in anyway, instead we arranged it in such a way that it will also serve as your itinerary just in case you want to visit these places in one night.

1. Baguio Country Club Christmas Village – start your journey to reconnecting with your inner child and feel that Christmas spirit by visiting the Baguio Country Club Christmas Village with your family. This year they have prepared better decorations and attractions as well as activities compared to last year. The entrance alone makes you feel that you are entering a magical place.

Now you have to be prepared because the Christmas Village is usually packed and parking is going to be a problem, if you are going to ride a taxi make sure that you hail a taxi out of the area via the designated taxi stand. Just a friendly reminder to make know what to expect as we do not want to lose that Christmas spirit that you gained while inside the Christmas village.

Map to Baguio Country Club

2. Cosy’s Coffee Shop – after the Christmas Village visit make your way to Cosy’s coffee shop located at Brookside, now is the time to get a cup of hot coco or coffee with your family, but what is really at Cosy’s that will bring back your inner Christmas child? It’s the house adjacent to it. Every Christmas the owners of the house decorates the entire house with Christmas lights and decors that gives the house a real cozy Christmas feel, and even the house across it have decorated their home with lights that will amaze you and would really bring back your inner-child.

Map to Cosy’s

3. Azalea Hotels and Residences – now just several meters away from Cosy’s is Azalea Hotels and Residences, apart from their Christmas decorations and bright lights during the night, they also have several family oriented activities that would definitely bring out that inner-child in you. Maybe before Christmas you can have a family brunch, watch Christmas movies together or do some creative things like designing a ginger bread house with your children.

Schedule Of Holiday Activities At Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio


Map To Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio

4. Session Road – after trying out some of those family oriented activities it’s time to go to Session road and see the City’s Christmas Tree. It would also be best if you walk down Session road and check out the different lights and decors prepared by the different establishments particularly that in the Puso ng Baguio Building. Now why do I suggest walking down session road? well its healthier and of course this is also the route going to your next destination.

Map to Session Road

5. Burnham Park Rose Garden – after walking down Session Road and crossing the overpass and making your way to Burnham Park’s rose garden you will see several lighting and Christmas decors that were prepared by the City, the decors are mainly at the Rose Garden where you will see their modest version of the Christmas village, if you are lucky you will also be able to witness the fountain show which is better when viewed at night because of the Christmas colored lights. The best thing about going to Burnham Park is that you will be able to enjoy walking with your family, as you see beautiful sights, feel the cold air and listen to Christmas carols through the sound system at the park.
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Map To Rose Garden Burnham Park

In Conclusion 

To be honest these places May or May Not bring forth that ever elusive Christmas Spirit (elusive as we grow old and spend more time at work and less time with our family) the point of all this is the fact that these are places that is best enjoyed when shared with someone so why not spend your holiday vacation to these places in Baguio City with the most important people in your life, your family. Forget about work for a while and enjoy every moment visiting these places with your family and we’re sure you will find that inner-child and feel that Christmas spirit.


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