The Saint Louis University Christmas Lighting Ceremony

Finally we were able to witness the Christmas tree lighting ceremony of Saint Louis University in Baguio City , after drooling for how many years on photos I see on social media i finally got the opportunity. After speaking in front of 300 plus students at the School of Information and Computing Sciences, we decided to wait for the lighting ceremony. The original announcement was that the lighting ceremony will start at around 5:30pm but i guess because it was still bright the event was moved to 6pm but many Louisians both students and Alumni and guests waited for the event. While waiting we were serenaded with Christmas songs by the talented students of Saint Louis University, that certainly made us wait patiently.

Before the Lighting Ceremony

Act Of Kindness

The Tree Before It Was Lighted

Before i get on with the story i have to disclose that my wife and I are both SLU graduates, in essence we are Louisians. Now on to my story, I was with my wife and daughter during the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and because we are located at a much lower location, the metal walkway adjacent to the Diego Silang Lobby I was sure that when the ceremony would start we would not be given a good vantage point to see the lighting ceremony. Well at least in my case i will be able to just stand on my toes and get a photo and i will be contented, however i wanted my daughter to enjoy this as it is her first time to witness a Christmas tree lighting ceremony so i had her and my wife move up beside some students. The students were using monoblock chairs to stand on for them to be able to see clearly. A student noticed my daughter trying to get a clear view it is then that the student voluntarily gave up the chair for my daughter to use. Unfortunately, with all the excitement and anticipation we were not able to get that lady’s name but to you, thank you, you exhibit a true Louisian character.

The Christmas Tree Lighted

Time For Fun

The anticipation was so intense that some of the students are anxious prompting them to start their own countdown. The ceremony started with a small blessing and followed by the countdown to lighting the Christmas tree. The audience counted down in unison and finally the Christmas tree was lighted. Confetti and Balloons and Christmas carols filled the air and the audience were amazed with the lighted Christmas tree. It was a simple yet fun-filled event, the waiting and anticipation included.


It might be a simple lighting ceremony however it was a fun experience for us, especially if you add the act of kindness and the awesome lighting ceremony.

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