Wine Buffet Experience At The Baguio Country Club

The residents and tourists in Baguio City loves to eat, it is no wonder why buffets at the different hotels are not only open to hotel guests but to the public as well. We’ve seen several versions of buffets like breakfast, lunch, brunch, merienda and dinner buffets, all of which enticing you to eat at your hearts content. However, it is my first time to hear about a wine buffet, and i am glad that the team from lakbaybaguio was given an invite to the opening of Baguio Country Club’s wine buffet opening.

What Is A Wine Buffet?

What do we do at a wine buffet? this is the question that is coursing through my mind as we make our way to Baguio Country Club, frankly i do not have the slightest idea nor does my companions. So me and my companions are going in there blind and we really do not have any idea on what to expect. Upon arriving at the Baguio Country Club Bar area we were greeted by Ms. Mariel Maneru the bar manager at the club. She was very glad that we were able to accept her invitation. We started the night with an explanation on what a wine buffet is, well it is just more than wine, because you also get to sample some tapas, desserts and other delicacies that were prepared by Baguio Country Club’s chefs.

Wine Education

Dessert Anyone?

For a person like me who only appreciates drinking craft beer, the wine buffet experience changed my view and started my appreciation to drinking wine. I’ve seen a lot of posts on the benefits of drinking wine but i’ve never really tried drinking the “classy” wines, all i know and all i’ve tried are the strawberry and bugnay wines being sold at the Baguio City Market.  There are several bottles of wines of different types that were on display during the wine buffet and each one of them you can try. Since i do not have any idea on the different types of wine Ms. Mariel was kind enough to give us a crash course of sorts regarding wines. For starters red wines are colored red because of the presence of tannins coming from grape peels. Specific types of wine goes well with specific kinds of food. My favorite the Moscato which is a dessert white wine goes well with desserts, so i tried it with conac chocolate that was served at the buffet. Red wines are paired best with meat, overall what i’ve learned is that wines helps in enhancing the flavor of the food provided you pair the food with the right wine.

Wine Education and Conversation with Lakbay Baguio Team and Wine Expert Mr. Joe Meneses

The Wine Buffet At Baguio Country Club

If you are tired of stuffing yourself full at the different buffets in Baguio City, maybe you should try Baguio Country Club’s wine buffet. However, before you can enter their bar you have to be a member or a sponsored guest at the club, it is worth the trouble though. For only P600 pesos you will have unlimited access to the different wines on display at the wine buffet and on top of that you are able to pair the different wines with the buffet spread that were specially prepared by chefs at the Baguio Country Club. If you want to know more about wines or it is your first time to go to a wine buffet do not hesitate to approach their bar manager Ms. Mariel.

Baguio Country Club Wine Buffet Photo Gallery
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  1. Do they still have the wine buffet? Planning a trip to Baguio City soon and I’d like to know if we can try this!

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