Year In Review, Lakbay Baguio’s Most Popular Post 2014

The Awesome 2014 in Baguio City

2014 was an awesome year i bet for everyone both residents and tourists in Baguio City. This year we have said hello to lots of friends, acquaintances and seen and discovered so many places, did several adventures and of course enjoyed quiet and peaceful moments in this mountain city resort. We’ve seen an influx of millions of tourists in Baguio City and businesses in Baguio especially those from the Hotel and Restaurant Business made history but Sadly, in 2014 we also bade farewell to some notable son’s of Baguio City, our beloved City Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas, Baguio’s beloved senator, Mr. Let’s DOH It! Senator Juan Flavier and the father of Panagbenga or the Baguio Flower Festival Atty. Damaso Bangaoet. Yes they may have traveled to the great mountains in the sky but their legacy will definitely live on and will guide the next generation of Baguio folks.2014 was also the year when we tasted our last dishes from the popular Old Baguio restaurants and sadly, we welcome 2015 with the closing of another old Baguio favorite resto. The old Baguio Favorite star cafe closed its doors and in 2015 Mandarin restaurant which is a resto from our childhood will also be closing it’s doors. Truly, the changing landscape of business is slowly decimating the traditional businesses. Although this is something we can avoid if only traditional businessmen would try to adapt to the changing landscape.

2014 Year of Acceptance

For lakbaybaguio 2014 was a year of acceptance, this is the year that we learned to accept the fact that event if your intentions are good traditional businesses are not easily able to adapt and change to what we are offering and that is to have their business’ online presence through our directory. It is also the year for us to accept the fact that new businesses who understands the value of bloggers, and digital marketing are able to build their popularity in just as short as 6 months compared to what traditional businesses built in years. It is also the year when we realized that tourism has its price, the worsening traffic situation and the problem in waste management meant that Baguio will have to prepare some more this coming Panagbenga 2015 as we expect double the influx of tourists during this time.

Lakbay Baguio Top Posts for 2014

Now as the year ends and as we welcome the New Year we would like to look back in 2014 and with the wonders of Data and analytics we were able to find out the top posts that were visited by you our beloved readers of Lakbay Baguio.

10. Wine Buffet At Country Club – who would have thought that one of our most popular post would be from our Wine Buffet experience at the Baguio Country Club. We would like to thank Ms. Mariel Maneru for the invite and giving us this rare opportunity to know more about wines and frankly the Lakbay Baguio team now changed our choice of beverage from Beer to Wine.

9. Five Haunted Places in Baguio City – Aside from Baguio City’s rich history, the city of pines is also known for it’s dark past, from the horrors of World War 2 and the nightmares of the 1990 earthquake the City is now know for the haunting of those who perished. Who can forget the White House and the Diplomat hotel?

Im not sure why there is a black figure when i took this photo

8. The SLU Lantern Parade – Christmas in Baguio City starts during December 1 when they light the City’s Christmas tree and SLU students, faculty and staff parading down session road for their Annual Lantern Parade. It is an experience that you must try in 2015.

7. Grumpy Joe – eating at Grumpy joe was an awesome experience, with the right mix of awesome food and social media this restaurant became popular in no time, but it is really the food that made them stand out among the other pizza and pasta joint in Baguio City. Surprisingly a lot of people still are searching for Grumpy Joe and are landing in our website. With more than three thousand impressions and hundreds of click throughs no wonder this restaurant is expanding in just several months after opening.

Grumpy Joe With Sloppy Joe

6. Buying Strawberries in Baguio – even before La Presa, we already did give a how to on buying strawberries in Baguio. Now you have to remember strawberries comes from the nearby province of Benguet mostly from the town of La Trinidad, but if you must buy in Baguio a visit at the Public Market’s stall 382 will land you a good deal when buying strawberries, maybe telling them that you learned about their stall because of lakbaybaguio may land you a better deal…maybe, just maybe.

5. Tanghalang SLU Wins Big at the 27th Aliw Awards – Recognizing achievements from Schools, Universities and from any residents of Baguio City is our own way of contributing to the community. So when we heard of the award won by Tanghalang SLU we immediately posted it via our Campus news. Congratulations once again to SLU-CCA and to their mentor Mr. Dan Rommel Riopay.

Photo Courtesy of Tanghalang SLU

4. Five Places In Baguio To Feel Christmas – It seems Baguio City can now also be associated with Christmas because of the cold weather and the various Christmas activities and places you can visit during the holiday season. Now you may still use this list next year or maybe we’ll give you an updated one in 2015.

3. Panagbenga 2015 Schedule – the most anticipated event of the year is also one of our most view page of the year. Who wouldn’t want to experience the season of Blooming? Get ready 2015 for we’ve heard that Panagbenga 2015 is going to be awesome as it is the 20th year of this most anticipated festival in the Philippines!

The Panagbenga Festival

2. Mandarin Restaurant Closing It’s Doors – Many Baguio folks gave their sentiments on the closing of Mandarin Restaurant this January 1, 2015 as announced through the banner at their restaurant. Many good memories were formed in this restaurant, from weddings and business deals to family gatherings, Mandarin restaurant is indeed an Old Baguio restaurant that is worth remembering.

1. How to Go To Sitio La Presa – with the right combination of TV popularity and social media this unknown place named Sitio Pungayan became a tourist destination sensation overnight. Now people are confused on where it is so we gave a detailed “how to” guide on reaching the place. Lakbay Baguio has traveled several times to Mount Kabuyao bringing friends and family to the Radar station for them to see Baguio in 360 degrees, we never thought that the sitio beside it will become very popular. Now dp ypu plan on visiting Sitio La Presa? Here’s our guide on how to go to Sitio La Presa.

Concluding 2014

Indeed 2014 was a colorful year for Baguio City and we Welcome 2015 with open arms full of hope and wishing all residents and visitors of Baguio City a Prosperous New Year!


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