Beestop Baguio: Under An Inspiring New Management

There will always be that time in your life that you want to do something new. Or do something good but also equally risky. One that you do not gain the trust and confidence of your friends and even your family.But you do it anyway because you followed that gut feeling and that belief within you that you can definitely do it. Although the risk is huge you focused more on the great reward it will yield. This story is all about that. The story of taking risks, the story of following your gut feel and the story of throwing everything in the air and hope for the best.

Almira Pacyado – Beestop Baguio


The New Beestop Baguio Story

If you remember last year, sometime in August I wrote about the opening of Beestop Baguio the first franchise fastfood that serves affordable meals but with quality that is comparable to that of any of the popular fastfood here in the Philippines. With great variety of food offerings at a very affordable price. In addition to a location near a major university in Baguio City you would think that they are all set.

But to my surprise at around fourth quarter of last year the first Beestop Baguio had to close it’s doors. This seems the end of Beestop’s bid to enter the Cordillera market. However this is not the case because a certain lady by the name of Almira Pacyado fell in love with the food being served at Beestop that she decided to become a franchisee. What’s surprising was when I first met Almira i learned of her age, she is 24 and a student of Saint Louis University taking up B.S. Architecture.

She is a young risk taker. The second surprise was her school background.  One would think that a franchisee as young as Almira would have a background in Entrepreneurship, Marketing or accountancy or any other business course or at least a background in culinary arts. But no, Almira is an Architecture student.

Opening Beestop Baguio



The Beestop Baguio Garlic Fried Chicken Is Back!

As people say in sales, before you can sell a product you gotta love and believe in the product. That first taste of Beestop goodness made Almira realize that there must be something there. Beyond just regularly eating at this fastfood.

It is that realization that made her decide to pursue her dream of opening her own restaurant. Armed with only that passion and strong belief in the product. She boldly asked family members especially her Dad to support her financially in this endeavor. But as expected the road to convincing her Dad would prove to be very difficult. For one the amount of investment is no joke. It is not just something that you can waste away.

Especially so that business means taking a huge risk. In this situation, family money is going to be at risk. But that did not stop Almira to achieving her goal in opening a branch of Beestop in Baguio. Almira informed me that there was a certain point in time when she boldly signed the contract without knowing on where to get the money to pay for the fee. Good thing there is a certain amount of time given her to pay the franchise fee. It was almost the deadline when she finally convinced her family to give the financial backing that she needs.

This tuna sashimi goodness if back! Thanks to Almira


The Challenges Ahead


Beestop Baguio Facing the Challenge Ahead

Finalizing the contract was not the end of her challenges. She had to find a suitable location for her branch of Beestop Baguio. With patience she found a home for her business. It is located at 16-A Rayela Building, Bonifacio Street, the new and improved Beestop is just beside the Metrobank office at lower Bonifacio street which is also near the SLU main gate.

Again the challenges did not end there as she also has to go through problems with the construction of the new home of Beestop Baguio. And beating the deadline before the grand opening. I’m sure she also has to go through a steep learning curve as business is not her background. Not only that, at this time and age there are still people who doubt the capability of young entrepreneurs and this will be a challenge for her.

Despite of all those challenges and all those uncertainties. With the support of her family and her Beestop family she was able to open Beestop Baguio. This is proof that if you really want something, if you are really passionate about it, you will always do your best to get it. You will have to take the risk, because as Almira told me “you will never know unless you try” and just in case you failed at least you did your best, you learn from it and no regrets.

I am glad i met Almira that day. As I write this article i hope her inspiring story will lead others to really go after their dreams and achieve it. Although Almira still has a long road ahead managing and growing Beestop Baguio, her passion for her business, with the support from the people around her and even by the Baguio Community i’m sure she will be successful.

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  1. I will surely check this out. That tuna sashimi looks great. If they add pink salmon sashimi on their menu. They’ll get more votes from me and my team. 🙂

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