Weather In Baguio City January 9, 2015

Weather in Baguio City January 9, 2015

The Northeast monsoon continues to affect Luzon including Baguio City . Moderate to strong winds will be blowing from the northeast, the Cordillera region, including Baguio City will experience cloudy skies and light rains.

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset and Temperature in Baguio City

Minimum Temperature in Baguio City : 13 Degrees Celsius (PAGASA) 10 Degrees Celsius (Accuweather)
Maximum Temperature in Baguio City : 21 Degrees Celsius (PAGASA and Accuweather)
Sunrise Today: 6:23AM
Sunset Today: 5:42PM
Moonset Today: 8:58AM
Moonrise Today: 9:05PM
Illumination Today: 89%

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