5 Flowery Love Quotes For Valentines Day

It’s the season of love and in Baguio City it is also the Season of Blooming! We are lucky that the season of Blooming or the Panagbenga Festival 2015 and Valentines day celebration falls on the same month. This means more flowers to give to our love ones! In observance of Valentines Day and Panagbenga 2015 celebration we thought it would be appropriate to share with you Five “flowery” Love Quotes, and in keeping with the theme we shot the photos of these flowers at the Baguio Blooms Exposition and Exhibition at the Burnham Lake Drive and at the Rose Garden at Burnham park. So we hope you enjoy the five “flowery” love quotes we prepared for you this Valentines and Panabenga season.

Love Quotes For Valentines Day









Note: It took time, sweat and skills to capture the photos, should you want to use/share it please do so with proper attribution. Thank you!

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