Panagbenga 2015 Grand Street Dancing Parade

Today was another colorful, inspiring and fun day as Baguio City celebrates the Baguio Flower Festival with its annual Grand Street Dancing Parade. Participants braved the cold early morning assembly at the Panagbenga park, the scorching heat of the sun and the tiring long parade route going to the staging area at athletic bowl. The participants of the drum and lyre and street dancing competition from elementary, secondary and open categories show much enthusiasm as they wowed the crowd with their spectacular dance routines with popular songs being played by their accompanying drum and lyre band. Donning their colorful costumes the Grand Street Dancing Parade was made even more colorful. Some colorful costumes that were made from recycled materials showed that participants can save both money and resources but still be able to make something beautiful and colorful.

Inspiring Day at the Grand Street Dancing Parade

It was also a day of inspiration as we witnessed how the participants were able to keep their level of enthusiasm even after walking what seems to be a very long parade route. Of course they have been doing this every year, but still to keep their smile as they perform for the audience makes you wonder where they are getting their energy from? In our own opinion the smiles and applause that they generate from the audience is their fuel to push on up to their last performance of the day.

Fun Day at the Grand Street Dancing Parade

With much enthusiasm, nearly perfect choreography and colorful costumes, the Panagbenga 2015 Grand Street Dancing parade was indeed a fun day. A great opportunity to showcase the talents of participants from Baguio City and nearby provinces. It is also a great opportunity for the audience to witness such wonderful performances that were put together for more than a whole month through a series of practice and trainings, not to mention the man hours that they have put in to making their costumes.

Missed the Panagbenga 2015 Grand Street Dancing Parade?

No need to fret or feel sorry for skipping this year’s celebration! We’ve put together a simple 1 minute video to showcase part of the performances and a photo gallery to showcase how beautiful the performances and costumes were.


Photo Gallery Panagbenga 2015 Grand Street Dancing Parade

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