Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade

Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade

Today is the Opening and Street Dancing Competition Parade for Panagbenga 2015. As always the parade started with an opening ceremony and prayers at the Panagbenga Park. The parade was joined by the different members of the Liga ng Barangay of Baguio City and made colorful and exciting by the street dancing competition participants from the elementary schools in Baguio City.

Today the street dancing competition for Elementary Level will be decided in order to determine the participants of the Grand Street Dancing Parade on February 28, 2015. This year’s opening of the Panagbenga 2015 for some is bittersweet as some do not see any reason to celebrate after the death of 13 Igorot SAF members in Maguindanao, two days before the opening parade the remains of these brave heroes were brought to their homes in Mountain Province, Benguet and Baguio City.

Moving Forward With Panagbenga 2015

But the parade and the celebration must move forward as there is nothing we can do but to move forward with all the preparations for several months. The children participants of the Elementary Division Street Dancing Competition as usual gave stunning performances during the parade as they walked from Upper Session Road to their performance area.

Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade Photo Gallery

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Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade In Conclusion

As always the participants of the Panagbenga 2015 Street Dancing Competition gave it their all to secure a spot in the Grand Street Dancing and Grand Float Parade happening on February 28 and March 1, 2015. Although for some, there is mixed feelings bordering on sadness and happiness we should all remember that the Panagbenga Festival was conceptualized by the late Atty. Damaso Bangaoet in order to help the residents of Baguio City rise up from the extreme fear and sadness that they felt after the 1990 Killer Earthquake. The Panagbenga Festival is the symbol of the residents of Baguios’ indomitable spirit and unwavering faith that helped them rise above any challenges and bloom once again.

Video Summary of the Panagbenga 2015 Opening Parade

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