Quote For The Day – Being Good

They say if you want something, you do good. Like in some cases where you want something from your parents, and in order to get their yes, you do something in their favor. You clean the house, you come early from school or you do well at school. In short you’re doing good deeds, and in return your parents can see the changes in you that they finally gave in to what you’ve been asking for. And since you have already started the regime of say cleaning the house and coming home early then how about making it a habit – a good habit that is. You do not only get what you want but you have adhere to good changes as well which is beneficial to your future as you grow up.

If you are doing good eventually someone can see the goodness in you and will somehow and in no time, you will have your reward. If not from the people around you, your blessings will come from the divine. It is better to be noticed doing good rather that doing bad, right? If you want to catch some attention, then it is better that you show the goodness in you and let others be inspired from the goodness you have shown.


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