Quote For The Day – Being Kind

We’ve been waiting for some amazing things to happen in our life and maybe we’re doing the wrong method. We’re trying our very hard to meet our goals and still we’re short from what we wanted. And maybe still there’s something wrong or something is amiss with what we are doing. Maybe we are working hard yet we do not bestow any kindness at all that we forget why we work in the first place. What is our main goal, to have a successful life but as we work we forget that we should be compassionate as well. That we should work hard and still be at ease with other people, sharing our blessings and sharing our good deeds.

You reap what you sow. By working hard with compassion can bring forth amazing things. You may not notice the changes but at the end of the day, you will feel different. You burn so much time working yet you help other people, you by being kind, with these you’ll feel a little bit contented with what is happening in your life.

Work hard and be kind and soon amazing things will come rushing through your door, if the door is closed, it will enter through your window.


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