Quote For The Day – Looking Towards The Future

The future defines us hence when planning our life we have to take into consideration our future. We have to remember it is where our present will go next, so we have to prepare the necessary tools we need in order to survive the next stage. By looking in the future, we can somehow grasp what we need to be equipped with to win the battle and to be successful.

The past, the present and the future plays a major role in our life. We learn from our mistakes from our past and in the present we still learn from our daily dealings with life hence in the future although we cannot predict the outcome of it, we’ll be ready to face it whatever it may give us.

Preparing for the future is what makes us human after all, it is for the main reason why we struggle because it’s preparing us to be stronger for the future. Our mistakes are lessons learned and will make us wise in dealing with our future problems. And at the same we plan that we may not be able to experience the hardships in life we’re having right now. That is why we work hard and may reap all the benefits in the near future.


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