Quote For The Day – Pursuing Our Dreams

Our goal is to become happy in everything we do and that for us is our definition of a successful life. And in doing so, we have to find the thing that can satisfy us. But along the way, we stumble and we forget what we really want, money woes is one of the hindrances. We are guilty at some point, we think of our profit first before pursuing our goal, if we earn then we’re satisfied. But is that really the case? It is true that we are having the time of our life, we found the job we wanted along with the benefits that go with it, but the question is are we really happy?

If money is not the main priority then we can think of other things on how to make things better. There are always some improvements to be done, life is not always perfect and everyday there are some things to polish, you do not stop there. Be passionate and follow your dream, think of the benefits that go along with it as secondary, the primary concern is the goal itself. And in the long run, you can harvest what you worked for, a dream job and somehow you can inspire other people as well. That is the result of pursuing our dreams!


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