A Short Tour Of John Hay Historical Core


The John Hay Historical Core

Located inside Camp John Hay, the historical core was established for the people to reminisce and see the role that Camp John Hay played in the history of Baguio City and the Philippines. Several structures that were constructed during the time of the Americans in the Philippines still stands and remains to be a reminder of the friendship between the Philippines and the United States. Inside the Historical Core you will find the following:

1. Bell Amphitheater – this structure was designed and named after General J. Franklin Bell. Today, the amphitheater is used as venue for weddings and other activities. You can reserve the use of the amphitheater by getting in touch with the John Hay Historical Core office.

2. Bell House – again named after General J. Franklin Bell this used to be the home of the Governor Generals of the Philippines. This american designed home today is a museum where you can appreciate the interior of an American home still with some of the furniture that were used when it was first built. You can enjoy the view of the pine forest at the balcony of the Bell House.

3. Cemetery of Negativism – this is not a “real” cemetery, it was built for people to bury any negative thoughts they have, because of its serene location you can enjoy your alone time while dispelling any negative thoughts.

4. History Trail – the history trail is a walk through the history of Camp John Hay. Being an American base this place has a rich history that is worth knowing. Did you know that Camp John Hay was the site of surrender for General Yamashita and his army during the end of World War 2? You can learn more by walking through the history trail.

5. Secret Garden – you can access this place via the small “hidden” path beside the steps going to the Bell house. If you want to have your alone quiet time communing with nature this is the place to be.

There are a lot of things to do, see and learn at the Camp John Hay Historical core and it is truly a must place to visit when you are in Baguio City and if you are fond of history and quiet places that is.

Short Video Tour of Camp John Hay Historical Core

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