Affordable Korean Feast At Gogi Nara Baguio City

The influx of Koreans to Baguio City added more flavor to its melting pot of culture. The koreans did not only bring the K-pop phenomenon to Baguio City they also brought with them their unique yet scrumptious dishes. Korean restaurants started sprouting in the different parts of the city, at first its purpose was to cater to the growing population of koreans in the city, but because of its delicious and healthy benefits, the locals came to love Korean food. Although i have tried most of the Korean restaurants in Baguio city there is one korean restaurant that I consciously or sub-consciously frequent, and that is Gogi Nara located at SM City Baguio. In fact I’ve written about my Gogi Nara experience in 2014 here.

A Different Experience At Gogi Nara

As part of a team of bloggers who are in Baguio City to promote the city of Pines as a food destination, i found myself again enjoying that unique Korean taste at Gogi Nara. This time though I was not having the “usual” but rather as a group we tried the dishes that are good for a group of 7. We were served with a korean feast of Shabu-shabu, Haemultang and Samgyeopsal. At Gogi Nara you do not only taste the food, you also experience cooking these food yourself.

The Gogi Nara Shabu-shabu

Just like a typical shabu-shabu, you are served with raw ingredients, and a pot of broth. As the broth boils you start adding the fresh ingredients like assorted veggies, meat, tofu and seafood. The end result? an amazing broth that will warm your belly, perfect for a cold baguio weather.

The Gogi Nara Samgyeopsal

What do you do with grilled pork, grilled shrimp, grilled squid, grilled garlic, spicy paste and lettuce? Dip the grilled meat, shrimp or squid on to the spicy paste and wrap them along with the garlic using the lettuce and viola! you have your Samgyeopsal. But what does Samgyeopsal really mean? It actually is based on the layers of the meat that you grill. “Sam” means three, “gyeop” layered and “sal” which means flesh, so to roughly translate it means three-layered-flesh. This is because the meat used in the samgyeopsal has three layers consisting of meat and fat.

The Gogi Nara Haemultang

Before this dish was served we were warned that this dish is not for those who cannot withstand extreme heat. Haemultang is a traditional seafood stew in Korea. It is a mixture of shrimp, clams, mussels and crabs all cooked in a spicy red broth, the red broth is due to the Gochujang, a korean chili pepper paste. Although uncertain at first, trying it out was one of the best food experience i had since having a first bite of cheesecake. It was spicy but the good thing about it is that the “pain” do not linger, a quick drink of water and the spicy flavor is gone. It gives that balance of pain and pleasure at the same time, perfect for those with adventurous palate.

Gogi Nara in Baguio City

This time around, the experience at Gogi Nara validates my first experience. The food was not only great but perfect to warm your body in a cold Baguio City day. To experience this Korean food feast visit Gogi Nara at the Ground Floor of SM Baguio on the right side of the stage.

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