Food Exploration At Foodies At The Hub

What happens if you put some if not all of Baguio City’s food establishments in one area? You get a hub of people who loves to cook and a throng of foodies sampling their dishes, add some music and raffle and you get Foodies at the Hub. The first event for foodies and culinary masters alike. The first ever event in Baguio where restaurants big or small are given the chance to showcase their dishes and for foodies to sample their dishes.

The Foodies At The Hub

The Foodies at the Hub was held last April 17 and 18, 2015. This two day event started with the opening of the food hub where some of the restaurants in Baguio City have set up their booth and display their best dishes. If you are a Baguio foodie you will definitely recognize some of the restaurants like HillStation, La Comida, ZushiMe, Live Long Detox Bar and a lot more. During the evening there were mini concerts that were highlighted by the presentations by South Border and MYMP during the first and second day respectively.

Favorites at the Hub

The Foodies at the Hub allowed us to see some exciting dishes and here are our favorites.

1. Spreads By Chef Joaquin – all you need are spreads, if it came from Chef Joaquin that is. Who would have thought that your boring crackers or finger foods can become exciting with the myriad variety of spreads that Spreads by Chef Joaquin offers.

2. G and C Cafe – that colorful booth at the Foodies at the hub that was made even more colorful by their display of cheesecakes and cupcakes. Everybody got curios with the cupcake topped with a whole red chili. Although it is intimidating the chili cupcake is not really that hot. The chili is not overpowering and it gives that perfect blend of sweet chocolate flavor with a kick of heat.

3. Jovy’s Kitchen – a diet that eliminates carbohydrates and sugar but without having to sacrifice what your palette is already used to. An example is their cauliflower rice, which is an alternative to rice. The cauliflower head is finely chopped until it resembles a rice like texture. Paleo diet does not entirely eliminate the protein but it certainly has to remove empty carbohydrates from your diet.

4. Live Long Detox Bar – healthy smoothies, healthy food is also the theme for live long detox bar. Well that is to be expected considering their advocacy on serving healthy yet delicious food.

5. Kung Fu Kitchen – for a Chinese dish experience Kung-fu kitchen is also a must try, and try we did at the Foodies at the hub. Their dimsum were delicious and you will definitely ask for seconds.

What’s Next?

For a tourist destination that is widely publicized Baguio City really needs to showcase something fresh and something worth visiting. On their first try i guess Foodies at the Hub was able to accomplish that. We hope that this is going to be an annual event as there are still lots of unexplored dishes that needs to be highlighted through this kind of event. We are definitely looking forward to the next Foodies At The Hub.

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