Super Juices From Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop

Live Long Detox Bar and Organic shop is the newest restaurant in Baguio City that serves healthy dishes. With their advocacy to serve clean, healthy and delicious food, the owner Tina and her team of health buffs whipped up a menu of healthy yet familiar food. Familiar because these are dishes that you are, i’m sure, familiar with, just like the sliders, halo-halo and smoothies. The only difference is that these are made using organic vegetables.

The Live Long Sliders

The Sliders are not made with meat that contains lots of fat content but instead, it is made with either mushrooms or eggplants. Turning these vegetables into a meat-like patty is just so creative that even the flavor profile is not far from that of a meat patty. Put these patties in a sliced bun then add some veggies and their honey mustard sauce and you have a delicious slider. One order of Live Long’s slider gets your three sliders which you can share with a friend or two.

The Live Long Salad In A Jar

Of course we’ve all seen salad on a plate, but how about a salad in a mason jar? It is a fairly new concept, creative yet it works. Aside from the presentation, the mason jar allows you to properly mix the salad with the sweet and tangy dressing especially made by the chefs at Live Long Detox Bar and Organic shop. The salad dressing rests at the bottom of the jar and once you pour out or get the salad the dressing starts to drip out of the jar coating the salad. The sweet and tangy taste of the salad dressing made eating salad enjoyable and for those who are not really accustomed to eating fresh salad.

The Super Juices at Live Long

What differentiates Live Long Detox Bar and Organic shop from other restaurants that serves healthy food are their juices. Drinking vegetables and fruit juices are the easiest way to put the nutrients into your body especially if you do not frequently eat vegetables and fruits. With its high fiber content, the juice will not only help you absorb that much needed nutrients but also aides you in your digestion, hence the detox part. The juices are named after superheroes for obvious reasons of course that these juices helps your body to become stronger.

The Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop Experience

We especially love the fact that they have an open kitchen, which means you are able to see what goes on into your food. But as they say simple is better, and that is what Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop is all about delicious food made from simple ingredients. So if you want to start a healthy diet or you want to detoxify your body, dine at live long Detox Bar and Organic Shop. They are located at 19 Leonardwood Road, SN Oriental Building, the entrance is just beside the PhilHealth Building. You can also visit our Baguio City Guide for more information.

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