Tsokolateria A Chocolate Haven In Baguio City

The Rainy season is upon us and that laid back feeling is again kicking in. The temperature in Baguio City starts to again drop and you know what that means! Time to bring out the jackets, bonnets and thick socks, not to mention the rain gears such as your rain coat, boots and umbrella. However, one thing that reminds me of the rainy season and frankly one of the few reasons that gets me excited for the rainy season is the fact that i can again drink (without having to profusely perspire) my favorite tea, chocolate or coffee drink. I do several visits in coffee shops and i must say that coffee shops are popping up in Baguio City like mushrooms, people love drinking coffee in this kind of weather i guess. However, there are only a few tea shops that serve hot tea and really a minuscule number of chocolate drink shops in Baguio City, actually only one popular name comes to mind, until today.

Tsokolateria Baguio City

Artisan Chocolate, this is what Tsokolateria is all about. Artisan means that the food and drink are made by hand and using only high quality ingredients. Of course the only way for us to determine if they indeed are sticking to their commitment of using high quality ingredients it to visit the place and taste the food for ourselves. Tsokolateria is located in one of the levels of the igorot stairs where Barrio Fiesta was once located. The al-fresco area of Tsokolateria looked elegant and perfect for the Baguio weather, unfortunately it was raining when we got there that we had to transfer to the nearby Pamana restaurant, not to worry as Tsokolateria is of the same company as of that of Pamana restaurant.

Tsokolateria Food

Upon opening the menu we quickly realized that this is not just a chocolate drink shop, aside from Chocolate drink most if not all their dishes have some sort of Chocolate influence in it. They have a made several spins to the popular chocolate drink by adding different flavors, of course you still get to enjoy the classic chocolate drink.

The Chocolate Drinks at Tsokolateria

We tried three of their Chocolate drinks and these are:

  • Tsoko Mallows – when i saw this chocolate drink i remember a cartoon episode where the character dropped a marshmallow in his chocolate drink and the mallows just absorbed the chocolate drink making the marshmallow expand For those with sweet tooth, this is a perfect drink for you. Its thick chocolate drink and the sweetness of the mallows makes it a great comfort drink but not as comforting as the next one.

  • Frozen Hot Tsoko – the first thing that you have to ask yourself how can you have a frozen and hot choco drink at the same time? Well make a piping hot chocolate drink and to make it creamier add several scoops of vanilla ice cream! That is Tsokolateria’s Frozen Hot Tsoko.

  • Sili Labuyo Tsoko Blend – this fiery chocolate drink is not as comforting as the first two. The sweetness of the chocolate drink and the spicy-ness of the chili gives you a comforting and discomforting feeling. At first you feel the discomfort from the chili but after a while you become comforted as the spicy flavor does not linger for a long time. This chocolate drink is good for the adventurous or for those who wants to try something new for their taste buds.

Tsokolateria Food and Desserts

We tried several food at Tsokolateria and here are those that stood out:

1. Palitaw – This traditional Filipino dessert is one of the dishes that is served without a hint of chocolate. I guess they prefer to stay true to its flavor and how it’s made. One thing i notice with the Tsokolateria Palitaw is the fact that their version is much thicker than those you buy in the market. Not only is the palitaw thicker it is also smothered with coconut, sugar and toasted sesame seeds. For P70 this goes well with any of their chocolate drink.

2. Bibingka – another traditional Filipino dessert, this time however it is served with a side of melted traditional chocolate. Unlike the Bibingka that are being sold just anywhere their bibingka would remind you of December when you finish the early morning mass (Simbang Gabi). Priced at P180.00

3. Tablea Champorado – a traditional filipino breakfast and merienda, Tsokolateria’s Tablea Champorado is made with mountain rice and tablea chocolate. It’s presentation is leaning towards this food being served for breakfast as it also comes with chicharon, fried dried espada (fish) and bacon.  Priced at P175.00

4. Strawberry Fondue – what is a Chocolate Haven in Baguio City without Strawberry Fondue? Fresh strawberries are served with a pot of melted chocolate that will definitely make you drool if you just watch others eat it. Priced at P180.00

5. Crispy Choco Balls – reminds me of chocolate truffles, this choco balls however are also sprinkled with nuts and a serving of melted chocolate that serves as a dip. So you can say that this is chocolate on chocolate. Priced at P120.00

Tsokolateria is indeed a Chocolate Haven, and perfect not only for those who are trying to keep their bellies warm with a hot choco drink but also for everybody who loves chocolates. If you are craving for Traditional Filipino Desserts or for Chocolate, Tsokolateria is definitely a choice to consider.

Location: Upper Session Road, Baguio City

GPS Coordinates: 16°24’32.1″N 120°36’02.3″E

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