Doon Po Sa Amin Year 8 Launched

In today’s technological society, we sometimes forget to keep in touch with our roots, to remember our humble beginnings because our achievements. Going back to our hometowns remind us of our childhood experiences basically major nostalgia. Thus, wireless service leader Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) introduced a fun competition entitled Doon Po Sa Amin Year 8 (DPSA)  a video-making contest geared to uncover the wonders and unique qualities of the provinces of the Philippines. Now on its 8th year, Smart became the country’s longest running crowd-sourcing competition.

Doon Po Sa Amin Year 8

Public Affairs Group Head Ramon Isberto says that “Through DPSA, we encourage Pinoys to join the digital discussion by taking part in documenting Philippine culture and history for the entire world to appreciate,” he also adds “With this project, we want to elevate Filipino pride and urge everyone to become local ambassadors of their hometowns.”

This nationwide competition is not only for high schoolers and college undergraduates but also for other Filipinos nationwide who want to express their love for their hometown in a creative manner. These short videos may include the tradition, delicacies, festivals and places to visit uniquely found in their hometown.

DPSA Criteria

Criteria for this competition include 40% content, 30% creativity, 20% execution, and 10% impact. More than Php300,000 worth of prizes will be given to the winners. Last year, Domingo Yu Chu National High School bagged the grand prize in the student division for their documentary on the prehistoric fossils found in Mansalay, Mindoro.

These competitions truly bring out not only the love for our hometowns but also the creativity in showing how blessed we are. We are living in beautiful Philippines and this is only one good reason why must share to our fellow Filipinos and foreigners how it is truly more fun in the Philippines.

Doon Po Sa Amin Year 8 Mechanics

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