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My first ever encounter with turmeric is when i got the chance to sample Southeast asian dishes during our trip to Singapore. Back then, turmeric to me was just another spice that you should add to your food to make it taste better. I am always in search of ingredients that would help me replicate the dishes that i’ve tasted and loved in my travels. Fortunately, turmeric was not that hard to find in Baguio City, they sell lots of it in the market.  I always add turmeric to my version of fried rice to enhance the flavor. Little did I know that this yellow root crop is not only good in adding flavor to your dishes but also a great in helping your body fight off diseases.

What is Turmeric?

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Turmeric or commonly known in the Philippines as “Luyang Dilaw” (scientific name: Zingiber Officinale). It is a plant that has a strong aromatic qualities. The roots, leaves and tops are found to have some medicinal value. In the Philippines, turmeric is used by traditional medicine practitioners to treat fever, cough, sore throat and colds among others. In the international medical field, further study of this plant showed some promising results on warding of more serious diseases such as heart attack and liver cirrhosis.

Turmeric’s Medicinal Value

Turmeric’s medicinal value is said to be coming from its active ingredient known as curcumin. It is found that curcumin is a powerful anti-oxidant and have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is because of this that turmeric is said to have been tested and yielded positive results in combating diseases. One notable research was done to see if turmeric can help ward-off heart attacks and the result yielded that those who took turmeric capsules only had 13% chances of having a heart attack after their by-pass surgery as compared to 30% of those who took placebo capsules.

Turmeric and Cancer

Initial research have shown that the active ingredient curcumin in turmeric is able to prevent precancerous cells from transforming into cancer. Other researches have shown the curcumin can also help stop breast cancer cells from spreading in the other parts of the body. While another research have shown that curcumin combined with chemotherapy can treat bowel cancer. Although these researches have shown positive results it should be also noted that these researches were done in small scale and it needs a much wider research in order to fully prove and accept that turmeric or its active ingredient, curcumin could definitely cure cancer.

Your Daily Dose of Turmeric

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With all the researches that i’ve read, one thing is for certain, you have to have a regular intake of turmeric to maximize or at least get such health benefits. Although turmeric is abundantly sold in the Baguio City market, with all the work and family activities that I have, i rarely find time to go to the market. I also do not find much time in preparing turmeric tea.

Turcumin Turmeric Capsules

For those who have a busy and active lifestyle, but still would like to get the health benefits that is brought about by turmeric, taking in turmeric capsule is the way to go. Good thing there is Turcumin. Turcumin is pure turmeric in capsule form. Not only do you get your daily dose of turmeric you also get a concentrated dose. This herbal food supplement is the answer to your daily curcumin needs to ward off several diseases. Turcumin is available nationwide through Mercury Drug Stores.

Note: Although several researches were done on the health benefits of turmeric, it will still require an extensive research before we can truly say that such benefits are absolute. Little research has been done to the the adverse effect of turmeric in our body especially to those who are taking medications. Thus it is still important to consult a doctor prior to taking in turmeric capsules.

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  1. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before having my mastectomy operation, I took Turmeric with curcumin for a month. So, the scheduled operation came, they also took 5 lymphnodes to determine the extent of the cancer cell but it came out its negative. Then the breast that they removed was also examined, after a month the result came back, its negative. So, I was cleared from cancer and I am sure it was due to my taking of Turmeric with curcumin. I lost one my breast but very grateful that I don’t have cancer. I take 1 capsule every other day coz its too strong for me but the benefits still there. I am 67 years old now.

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