After The Typhoon

Considered as one if not “The” strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines, typhoon Lando surely wrecked havoc as it passed through the northern part of the Philippines. Baguio City was not spared by the typhoon. Baguio received the highest rainfall during the onslaught of Typhoon Lando with about two months worth of rain in just 20 hours. That, combined with the very strong wind is truly a destructive force.

Flooding in Baguio City

Ever since we were kids the City Camp Lagoon always get flooded for the simple reason that the drainage in that area is always clogged by garbage not only coming from that Barangay but also from nearby communities. That drainage is the exit point of water coming from other communities. It was unfortunate to see that the amount of garbage dumped along the canals contributed to the flooding of the City Camp Lagoon. You see, the Lagoon did not experience that much flooding after the drainage was widened.

The Central Business District specifically the Harrison road and Burnham Park areas also got flooded. If memory serves us correctly the last time this place got flooded it prompted the City Government of Baguio to build a wider drainage system under the Central Business District. We never experienced any flooding in this area until typhoon Lando came and dumped that much rain.

Trees Toppled in Baguio City

Baguio City is known for its lush green trees but through the years the number of trees in the City started to decrease not only because of the constant battering of typhoons but also because of the rapid urbanization. In fact it is the man-made factors that causes a lot of our trees to be destroyed. But typhoon Lando made it worst by toppling lots of trees in Baguio City. This year we will not be able to enjoy a shade at the rose garden and other parts of the City.

Landslides in Baguio City

Fortunately, most of the main roads in Baguio City from the lowlands remained open except for Kennon Road. Unlike during the time of typhoon Pepeng when all roads leading to Baguio City were closed due to landslides and it came to a point where gasoline and other commodities are being rationed. Thank God this did not happen.

Properties Destroyed

There were lots of properties destroyed, one notable is the iconic tent of SM City Baguio. As of today SM Baguio is not 100% operational and it may take weeks or months for the mall to operate fully with 100% of stalls open. Power was not restored immediately because there were lots of power lines and poles that were destroyed by the typhoon. Some houses took water damage due to flooding.

Road To Recovery

After four days of rain, the sun finally came out and it is also a signal for residents in Baguio to start the road to recovery. With the tireless work done by the Benguet Electric Cooperative, power was restored fully in Baguio City. Floods also subsided because of the efforts of the CDRRMC, DPWH, City Government of Baguio and resident volunteers. With hopes and prayers, Baguio City will definitely recover.

**Kudos to all the volunteers and establishments who contributed to help those in most dire needs during the onslaught of Typhoon Lando, your help and prayers would definitely help those who were devastated to fast track their recovery.



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