Baguio City As Captured By Kata

Kata is the newest brand in the ever competitive smartphone market. We must admit, we never had the chance to try out affordable smartphones before especially when taking photos of the different sights or sites in Baguio City. This is why when we got introduced to this brand we immediately took it for a test run, and a test run means taking photos of the different places in Baguio City in no particular order, just following the path on where our feet would take us.

The Kata F2 Smartphone

First off, let us introduce to you our gadget of choice for this adventure in Baguio City, the Kata F2. The Kata F2 is one of Kata’s affordable phone at a price point below Php4,000.00. The Kata F2 have a 1.3Ghz which is powerful enough to process the essentials to make such run smoothly. It also packs a 8GB ROM which can be expanded with up to 32GB micro SD Card. The most important of all (at least for this endeavor of course) is the camera or should we say are the cameras. This is because the Kata F2 have both a front and rear camera packing a 5megapixel and 8megapixel respectively, with the latter producing high quality photos.

Baguio City as Captured By Kata

These photos we have listed is a work in progress which means we will be adding more from time to time.


Mall…#capturedbykata #BaguioCity

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One of Baguio City’s iconic mall, this is one of the common stops by both tourists and residents alike.

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A vacation in Baguio City is never complete without a visit at the famous Burnham Park. Where you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride at the lake or just simply watch people passing by and water dance at the fountain in Rose Garden.

Blue sky, green mountains…#capturedbykata #BaguioCity #travel #igers #photooftheday

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Baguio City is once known as the Shangri-la north of the Philippines with lush green mountain ranges, so using our Kata F2 we took a shot of the mountains that still remains to be untouched by progress.

Morning dew…#capturedbykata #BaguioCity #baguio #travel #vacation #park #flowers #goodmorning A photo posted by vinceph (@vinceph) on

The best thing about going to the park early in the morning, aside from breathing in the cool fresh air is to see the vibrant flowers as their vibrance is made more evident by the morning dew.

Building…cloud ..light…#capturedbykata #BaguioCity #sky #clouds #cloudscape #travel

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Walking around Baguio City in the afternoon is an absolute delight rather than a heat exhausting task. For one it is not hot in the afternoon especially late into the afternoon, as the sun starts to set it creates a beautiful light that also casts shadows on to the building and anything it touches, add the blue sky and the beautiful cloud formation and you got a nice picture to immortalize using your Kata F2.

Colors of Sunset…#allsaintsday #capturedbykata #baguiocity #travel #skywatch #sky A photo posted by vinceph (@vinceph) on

We cannot stress it enough, that during this time of the year until summer, the skies in Baguio City turns colorful during sunset, indeed sunsets are not only beautiful at the beach it’s beauty is also evident in the mountains.

Looking to buy your Kata F2? The Kata kiosk is now open at SM City Baguio.

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How about you? What have you captured in Baguio City using Kata? Share it with us via the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Baguio City As Captured By Kata

  1. Wow! With the quality of the pics posted, I am truly convinced that that phone is indeed a value-for-your-money kind of celphone! Imagine being free (without the worry of being grabbed/stolen when bringing out your expensive phone in public) to capture all the wonderful sceneries, as it happens-when it happens moments…anytime,anywhere! I will have one when I get the chance?

    1. Thanks for reading our blog, The Kata F2 is their most affordable phone, but they also have high end units one of which is a smartphone with 16 megapixels back camera and an 8 megapixel front camera.

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