Free Wifi Access At Burnham Park Baguio City

The City Government of Baguio City led by the honorable Mayor Mauricio Domogan and accompanied by the honorable senator Bong Bong Marcos recently inaugurated the free wireless network project. The project aims to provide Burnham park goers both for residents and tourists to be connected to the internet while enjoying the parks’ other amenities.

The Free Wifi Project in Burnham Park

To connect the park goers to the internet, the City Government along with its partners installed eight Wifi hotspots that were placed all around Burnham park. According to the statement, the internet connection has 5G wifi capability and it can connect up to 2,400 users at one time. Registration is necessary in order for the users to access the internet and the wifi SSID is “burnhamfreewifi”.

Thoughts on the Burnham Park Wifi Project

As bloggers, this news is something that we are excited about however we do have our doubts. We are excited about this because we now have a backup connection just in case our personal primary connection our 4G data from the telcos would falter. For morning joggers like ourselves we can now share what is happening in Burnham park in real time, the beauty of the park during the early morning while the sun is rising and the mist is all over Burnham lake.

We have our doubts because it is not clear on who will conduct the maintenance of these so-called hotspots? The doubts emanated from the fact that some parts of the new rose garden fountains are already malfunctioning and seemingly it is not well-maintained. And 5G Wifi might be nice to hear but if all park goers use the internet simultaneously would that 5G speed hold up? And not all users are equal in terms of their bandwidth consumption so we need to consider also the heavy internet users. The true acid test for the integrity of this Wifi Network though is during the Panagbenga.

Sharing your Experience in Real Time

Internet Access to Inactivity

When this news came out lots of residents voiced their concern via social media, particularly on the matter of people would now rather sit in the park and look at their mobile phones rather than walk, jog and get a healthy exercise. In short people might not use the park according to its purpose. For us yes this fear is actually valid, however, it all boils down to choice. We believe, political issues aside, that the internet connectivity is an added value for the park goers it is not a substitute to the park, otherwise if we just want internet access then we better stay home or access internet in a cafe nearby.


Again this is a very useful tool and a welcome park amenities for users like us who really love to share articles in real-time. But you cannot dispell the doubts. For us well at least we now know where to go when we want to grab a taxi or access the internet if we are within CBD. We have to accept the fact that the internet is already part of our society, and the fear inactivity turning to obesity brought about by this technology may be valid but should be understood as a problem that would only arise if people choose to use the technology and stay inactive. If we may be allowed to ask, though, is it possible for the City Government to only allow taxpayers to access the free wifi? You know since we’re assuming it is through our taxes that would pay for this service. If not then everything is cool 😉

At least we can now access this

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  1. Awesome! I tried to access the internet and it works! Thanks for the info! Im getting at least 2mbps download speed here!

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