Sage Cafe | A Must Gatronomic Delight to Experience In Baguio City

Baguio City is not only called the City of Pines, with the sprouting of a different food establishments we can safely say that the city is also the food capital of the north. Blame it on the booming interest in culinary arts and the influx of foodies in the city it is apparent that Baguio will continue to have a vibrant food scene. Everyday we tend to discover food establishments that could either amaze us or disappoint us, as the famous entrepreneur Lori Greiner would always say a product could either be a hero or a zero. Same as through with restaurants in Baguio City, we’ve had our zero moments and our hero moments.

Going to Sage Cafe

We’ve heard a lot of great online reviews about Sage cafe so we decided to try it out. Sage Cafe is located along Military Cut-off road. You can either access from the roads entrance at the round about at Panagbenga Park if you are coming from Session Road or the Central Business District are, or the road adjacent to the Baguio Medical Center which is a better access route if you are coming from Marcos Highway or Kennon Road. Sage is fairly easy to spot as it is along Military Cut-off road so you do not have to worry about getting lost.

The Sage Ambiance

Upon entering the restaurant a huge Sage light sign will greet you at the door. You have to understand that we visited Sage this November 2015 and in the Philippines Christmas is a four months celebration so the Christmas decors are already up and making the place in a festive Christmas feel. The purple color motif of the cafe works well for us giving it a nice cozy and warm feel. We chose to stay at the seat by the window with the road as the view, too bad the area on the other side of the cafe was full, as the huge windows in that area gives a picturesque view of the Cordillera mountains. We suggest you choose that side when dining at Sage or if you want to watch passing cars that would work too.

Gastronomic Delight At Sage

The Sage House Salad

Upon securing our seat we decided to start off with the Sage House Salad. The salad is composed of lettuce, slices of strawberries, chunks of kiwi fruit and mango drizzled with strawberry vinaigrette and peanut brittle crumble, a must salad for those with sweet tooth. For our meal we ordered the Shepherds pie, Seafood Curry and Chicken marinated in Buttermilk with Waffles.

Sage Cafe Shepherds Pie

The Shepherds Pie really caught our taste because the beef slices literally melts in your mouth! The Seafood curry on the other hand is also a delight to eat, not too spicy for our taste. The Fried chicken marinated in buttermilk with waffles is best for children. To wash it all down we settled with the house infused water which Sage serves for free.

Sage Cafe Infused Water

In Conclusion:

Seafood Curry

Sage is a must try restaurant in Baguio City. Sage Cafe is definitely a hero of a restaurant and we are definitely looking forward to delight our tummies as we savor the food from Sage.

Tip: Try their Nachos and Creamy Bulalo and you will definitely be surprised!

Sage Cafe Strawberry Cheesecake
Sage Cafe and Restaurant in Baguio City a Delightful Gastronomic Experience
Sage Cafe
Date Published: 11/10/2015
A must try restaurant in Baguio City

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