A Visit at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Not too long ago, Cafe by the ruins opened their second branch called Cafe By the Ruins Dua. “Dua” in Ilocano term means “two”, which is very fitting for obvious reasons of course. In our experience with interacting with friends and acquaintances visiting Baguio City, we found out that Cafe by the Ruins is always in their travel checklist of the must try restaurants when they are in Baguio City.

Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Entrance To Cafe By The Ruins Dua

The second branch of Cafe By The Ruins is located at Upper Session Road, just past an antique store and the Caltex Gas Station and in front of Quezon Elementary School. It is important to note that Upper Session road extends up until the Panagbenga Park. Cafe By the Ruins Dua from the outside seems like a small restaurant however looks from the outside can be deceiving because once you enter the restaurant, you will be amazed by its huge dining area, kitchen and the place for their baked goodies.

The Cafe By The Ruins Dua Experience

When we entered the restaurant i quickly noticed how high their ceiling is and I also noticed that the dining area is way larger than the original Cafe by The Ruins. The mezzanine area is way bigger and we saw about 15-20 tables that are spaced evenly allowing for comfortable seating.

The open Kitchen at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

What i really love about the set-up at Cafe By the Ruins Dua is their open kitchen. From the mezzanine and even at the ground floor, you can see how dishes are prepared. Watching a lot of TLC made me curious on what a fresh pasta would taste like, well at Cafe By the Ruins Dua you do not only get to taste fresh pasta you also get to see how they are made!

Handmade Pasta At Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Food at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

We ordered the Duck Mami, Strawberry Shortcake and a Pasta Dish (sorry i really forgot what it’s called). I ordered the Duck Mami because it is my favorite food to order at their original restaurant, the strawberry shortcake, of course is their most popular dessert and the pasta dish was ordered by a friend which we also get to try.

Cafe By The Ruins Dua Duck Mami

The Duck Mami

The duck mami is still delicious as always although from what i can remember the noodles used in the original restaurant were rice noodles, however here, it was egg noodles. The egg noodles tasted a lot fresh and soft though.

The Pasta Dish at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

The pasta dish was so creamy with its white sauce and it came with a generous serving of shiitake mushrooms. The sauce has an onion-y flavor to it which makes the dish tastes like “dinakdakan” and for me that is a good thing. The highlight of the dish was the fresh pasta, for every bite as if the pasta would melt in your mouth, making you want to eat more.

The Famous Strawberry Shortcake at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Cafe By The Ruins Dua Strawberry Shortcake

The famous strawberry shortcake as i always say the best strawberry shortcake in Baguio City, others are just cake. What separates cafe by the ruins’ strawberry shortcake is the fact that they use Scones/English Biscuits as their base. Their scones highlight the scent of the strawberries, the strawberry sauce and cream adds flavor to what is already a delicious dessert. The only comment maybe is on the presentation and consistency, see, two days before dining at Cafe By The Ruins Dua, we dined at the original cafe by the ruins and ordered the same, unfortunately, the strawberry shortcake from the original resto looks a lot more appetizing and with more strawberry slices too as compared with the one served at Cafe By the Ruins Dua. Don’t get me wrong though, the flavor is still the same, i’m just saying we could have enjoyed it more if it was at par with our expectations from the original strawberry shortcake served to us two days ago.

The Cafe By The Ruins (Original) Strawberry Shortcake Version

Map To Cafe By The Ruins Dua


You Must Try Eating at Cafe By The Ruins Dua

The original Cafe By the Ruins is always packed with people especially during the weekends, so if you do not want to wait to be seated you can always go to their second restaurant Cafe By The Ruins Dua, which we assure you have more seating capacity than the original. The food is the same if not superiors especially for the pasta dish. If you do not mind consistency that much we can assure you that the food tastes the same and that is, if i may describe it…Delicious!

This is NOT a Sponsored Post the author paid for his meals.

All Photos taken with Mi4i #photobymi

Have you tried dining at Cafe By The Ruins or at Cafe By The Ruins Dua? How was your experience? Please do share via the comment section below!

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