Bottled Air Is a Hot Sale In China

Environmental protection is a very sensitive topic especially for residents of Baguio City. Let’s face it, the presence of pine trees and lush forests (whats left of it) surrounding Baguio City are the reasons why we experience the cool weather the very reason why tourists flock to the city. In a tourism event we attended before, one of the speakers, who is a renowned tour guide in Baguio, said, that if we take away the cool weather, Baguio City is just like any other provinces in the Philippines. Anyway before i digress, let’s go back, there is always that debate in Baguio City on which should come first, development or environment? Right now we see a lot of trees being cut down in the name of progress. Perhaps what is happening in China right now will give us an answer to this debate.

The China Air Pollution Problem

The China air pollution problem is so bad that they had to create an alert system for the level of pollution in the air. Last December 7, 2015 the Chinese authorities issued a red alert over air pollution which lasted for 3 Days. During this time the air is at a very dangerous level.

Bottled Air A Prime Commodity

It started as a joke, when this Canadian startup thought about selling bottled air. The obvious demand for bottled air in China made this a reality. The product known as Vitality air is founded in 2014 by Troy Paquette and Moses Lam. They started to market and sell in China about a month and a half ago and the demand for this product was high as they sold out “almost instantly”. Their recent shipment were almost already bought. That is how high the demand is for fresh air in China. The bottled air is being sold from CAD$19 to CAD$59.

We Should Act Now

They said the best form of learning is to learn from your mistake, I say the best way is to learn from others’ mistakes. We now have seen what is happening in China, and right now their is no light at the end of the tunnel for this problem. For us in the Philippines and specifically in the City of Baguio we still have time. Time to halt if not reverse the effects of rapid urbanization. Let us work together and invest in saving our environment not for us but for the future of our children.

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