Update: La Presa is Now Closed to Tourists

This is a Developing Story

The Benguet Provincial Environment and Natural Resources is now implementing the Permanent Environment Protection Order (PEPO) issued by the Court of Appeals. As a result of this implementation non-residents of Mount Cabuyao and Sto.Tomas are not allowed to ascend to the top of this once famous mountain.

Check points and warning banners were already established to prevent tourists from going up the mountain.


Economic Effect

Small business owners at Mount Sto.Tomas / Mount Cabuyao who benefitted from the La Presa Fever is now starting to close shop due to the lack of clients.

Protecting the Environment at Mount Cabuyao

After the La Presa fever that was brought about by the TV Show Forevermore, it is time for nature to recover from the damage as caused by the influx of tourists in the area. As of today December 14, 2015 the concerned government agencies are now implementing necessary contingencies in order to inform tourists trying to go up the mountain in advance that they are not allowed to go up the mountain anymore. This move met praises as well as opposition, this is why we will have to stay tuned for any developments on this issue.



What are your thoughts of this closure of Mount Sto.Tomas/Mount Cabuyao to tourists? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Update: La Presa is Now Closed to Tourists

  1. Hikers, runners, cyclists should be allowed to go up the area. They do not cause traffic jams, do not pollute the area and are noiseless. Why stop them?

  2. Too bad they closed it to tourists, but then again it’s for the good of the environment so I am okay with that. Hope to visit Baguio again in my next trip to the Philippines!

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