Ban Of Cars In Norway’s Capital Can Baguio Follow Suit?

One of the most heated debate among Baguio residents is the preservation of Baguio City’s natural environment. People who came to love the City of Pines longed for the day when Baguio city returns to its former “self”, not crowded, abundant with Pine Trees and the mountains’ native flora. We all know that there were some destructions of the pine forests in Baguio City “in the name of progress”.

Innovative Solution

First world countries, particularly in Europe has been leading the way in implementing innovative ideas in the different aspects of their community. Sweden aims to be the first country to be fossil fuel free. On top of that, Sweden also implemented cashless transactions and that popular decision to give its working citizen a 6-hour working days instead of the common 8 working hours.

It seems that European countries are using innovation to solve age-old problems. Norway is following this trend as their government and its people decided to solve their air pollution problem once and for all. They intend to solve this problem by banning private cars in Norway’s capital of Oslo particularly its city center by the year 2019. This move is to drastically reduce carbon emission and traffic.

The Alternative Transportation

With the banning of private cars in the city center, the Oslo government will provide alternative transportation for the public. These are the following:

  1. The building of a subway line at the city center.
  2. Adding 40miles of bike and pedestrian paths.
  3. Using trams instead of buses in Oslo’s busiest streets
  4. Incentives to those who will buy electric cars

Political Will

Time and again it has been proven that with the right political will community problems will easily be solved. Norway has shown unity in their desire to curb the effects of air pollution. Now the question is will we ever solve our own environmental problems in Baguio City and the Philippines in general by sheer political will? We think yes if we also couple it with a united stand and finally focus in solving the problems rather than trying to manipulate everything to make sure that any decision will benefit only a few not the general public and not our country’s future.



What do you think? Can We Also do this in Baguio City at least? We’d like to hear your opinions please write on the comment section below.

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