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They say that education is the most powerful tool you can use in order to change your life for the better. We believe that and we also believe that education should be accessible to all and not confined in the four corners of the classroom. We are for creative education and Baguio City being the education capital of the North should be at the forefront of this creative change in the education system.

Enter Quipper In Baguio City

Introducing Quipper in #BaguioCity

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Last February 10, 2016 Quipper, an education startup, launched their product in Baguio City. Although some schools in Baguio City are already using Quipper School, this is the first time that this startup formally introduced this web service in Baguio City through the local Kapihan sa Baguio.

What Is Quipper?

Quipper is an education technology company that help improve the quality of education by transforming the teaching and learning experience. It’s flagship product is the Quipper School. Quippers’ guiding principle is “Distributors of Wisdom”.

What Is Quipper School?

Quipper School is a web service or an e-learning platform that helps both the teacher and the learner. How? By using Quipper School the teacher will be able to lessen his clerical work, like checking papers among others. This would lead to giving the teacher more time to prepare for his presentation of the lesson that leads towards an effective classroom management. On the other hand, students who are as we know highly inclined with technology will be able to enjoy and have fun while learning.

More About Quipper School Watch This Video


How Much Do I Invest In Quipper?

According to Quipper’s country manager Yuki Naotori, Quipper School is free and will always be FREE. The only investment maybe is time especially for the teacher who has to learn how to navigate the platforms’ interface. Which should not take more than an hour with the proper guidance.


Quipper Country Manager Yuki Naotori Introducing Quipper in #BaguioCity

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Is Quipper Curriculum-Friendly?

One of the questions in our mind during the presentation at El Cielito Inn, was is Quipper School Curriculum-friendly? or curriculum-ready? The answer was yes and we are glad to know that Quipper School content are geared towards the K-12 program. The best part is, a teacher can actually create his or her own content in order to customize and contextualize the lesson accordingly.

Our Side Note To Receive or Reject?

Many of us are afraid of change, change is gives us that feeling of discomfort. Sometimes, just as we start to accept change we cower back to our comfort zone. Change is uneasy, it is challenging and downright annoying. However, those who did not accept change are the ones either gone or struggling. In the education system in the Philippines many schools have teachers who are not really fond of change, because they have already “mastered” the art of teaching their lessons and it has been that way for years. We are sure that you have met an teacher or an instructor who gave the same jokes, same method of delivering the lesson and God forbid, same exam questions. It may be convenient for the teacher but not for a student who knows how to Google and research online and offline. If the teacher becomes too predictable the lesson becomes predictable and it becomes boring for the student. Be where your students are interested in, connect with them by speaking their language otherwise content delivery (lesson delivery) will become too boring.

Quipper and all other education technology are here to help you out. With technology, you can now have more time to prepare for the presentation of the lesson rather that having to waste time writing your lesson plan for a person who will not even be in your classroom. What we are saying is the technology is here 10 years ago, not NOW. If you feel like education technology just arrived then 10 years ago you might have rejected technology and just beginning to accept it today. If you have been using technology to help deliver your lessons 10 years ago until today then kudos to you, now get on with your version 2.

Technology is here and will always be here, it is just a matter of how you should fuse it with your methods of teaching and make your lessons a lot more fun, creative and interesting for the students.



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  1. Wow! Quipper will surely be a big help for both the students and the teachers. I also believe that change is inevitable; we can either accept it or deny it but it is definitely happening whether we like it or not. Cheers to more positive changes!

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