Grab Company Introduces GrabHorse in Baguio City

With the introduction of Grab Taxi in Baguio City, we all thought innovation stopped there. But the guys at Grab company are not done yet. In Manila they also offer Grab Car, Grab Premium, Grab Bike and even Grab Heli. Truly this company is disrupting the transportation business. It seems like Grab is revolutionizing the transportation industry that they are adding more transportation types in their list of Grab services. Recently, the company announced the GrabJeep in Manila and just a few days ago, perhaps their contribution in the celebration of Panagbenga 2016 the Grab company introduced the GrabHorse.

The GrabHorse in Baguio City

Yes, you read it right, it’s GrabHorse, the transportation service app is adding Horseback riding as part of their service. However, this is only for a limited time and limited location. The pick up point and the drop off point are along the route on where horseback riding  is allowed, this is along Wright Park, Pacdal area, the Mansion and Mines View. Note however that the pick-up point and the drop off points should be the same which means that this is more for entertainment purposes rather than transportation.

How to Book a Grab Horse

Here are the steps on how you can use the Grab Horse service.

  1. Download and Open the Grab App
  2. Select the Grab Horse Icon
  3. Input your pick-up point (i.e. “Wright Park”) Note: the pick-up and drop-off point must be the same.
  4. Booking time 8am – 12noon and 2PM – 6PM

The Grab Horse is valid only from February 26-28, 2016. The Grab Horse ride is FREE!


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