New DFA Baguio Passport Processing

Just recently, the office of the DFA Baguio has announced that there is a new passport processing guideline. This new guideline is because of the fact that the DFA will be using a new system that will make passport processing a lot faster than before. Aside from using the new system, the reason for this new guideline is because of the new design and features of the e-passport, which is now embedded with a microchip that contains your data for easy scanning.

From 200 to 60 Clients at DFA Baguio

It is because of these changes that DFA Baguio will now only process 60 applicants a day from the original 200-300 applicants in one day. However, DFA Baguio assured that processing will be a lot faster and more efficient and would be better than the previous system.

No More Walk-ins at DFA Baguio

It is also because of this new process that the DFA Baguio will no longer accept walk-ins for processing passports, except for senior citizens, disabled  and OFW’s with an urgent contract which requires an urgent need for a passport. For those who do not fall in any of those categories, an APPOINTMENT is required. To schedule an appointment an applicant must personally schedule their appointment at the DFA Baguio office from 10am – 5pm. Unfortunately, the DFA website does not allow for any online appointment scheduling. Therefore, you need to go to the DFA Baguio office to schedule an appointment if you wish to process your passport at DFA Baguio.

This means therefore that the experience in processing passport at DFA Baguio is now going to be entirely different from our experience at DFA Baguio. On the bright side though, it would seem like this will eliminate the huge queue during the processing of passports.

Have you tried this new passport processing system of DFA Baguio? If you have please do share your experience at the comment box below.

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  1. i can’t avail a appointment in DFA Baguio. Pwede po bang give us some scghedule this april to avail an appointment im order process our requirements?

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