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There are only three Ramen shops or Japanese restaurants that serve ramen in Baguio City, with the fourth coming very soon. Of course, we might be wrong, maybe we haven’t explored enough, but as of today, there are only a few Ramen shops in the City of Pines. Since I was in College there was already this passion to eating Japanese food, particularly ramen and if you have been in Baguio City long enough you might remember Shiki and Rairaiken. No? Well, these Japanese restaurants closed down several years ago. This is why it is always a welcoming news, for us at least, to know that there are new Japanese restaurants opening their doors in Baguio.

Sapporo Miso Ramen P180

Enter Zushi Me Baguio

Well, Zushi Me is not actually a new restaurant. They have been operating for quite some time now. The first time we tried Zushi Me, it was a delight to finally taste ramen that is comparable to what we tasted in the ramen shops in Manila. What is even more delightful is that their rolls are really delicious and I cannot stress that enough. Of course for those whose palate are not used to eating Japanese cuisine, there might be some apprehension especially when you add the wasabi into the mix.

Close Open

Since then, Zushi Me was already in our list of go-to places when we crave for ramen. Unfortunately, last year, every time we visit Zushi Me they are either closed or not serving ramen, which is of course very disappointing especially when you are craving for a delicious serving of ramen that only Zushi Me can dish out.

The Good News at Zushi Me

Classic Tantanmen P180

Maybe the owners found renewed passion to making Ramen that sometime February, they not only did a re-launch but also introduced their new line of Ramen! We got to try some of their Ramen, the Sapporo Miso Ramen which white broth is truly magnificent and I ordered the spicy Classic Tantanmen ramen, the spiciness is just right that it did not overpower the overall flavor of the broth. Their yellow zigzag rolls were just as how I remembered them when I first tasted it.

Yellow Zigzag Roll P195

Conclusion and Remarks

The bowl almost covered my head!

As I have said there are three ramen shops in Baguio City  (That we know of, please do recommend if we missed anything, put it in at the comment section below), and these three are actually your go-to Japanese restaurants whenever you crave for Ramen. Each has its own unique flavor, the thing that made Zushi Me remarkable is the fact that they have lots of new Ramen flavors to choose from and of course they serve that exquisitely delicious rolls. We will definitely go back here for seconds, thirds to the nth time.

An empty bowl means its Oishi!


Yellow Zigzag Rolls -P195

Classic Tantanmen – P180

Sapporo Miso Ramen – P180

Photos captured using Xiaomi Mi4i 



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