How We Should Choose Whom To Vote According To A Taxi Driver

Riding a taxi in Baguio City is always a learning experience. I say this because everytime I ride a taxi, 80% of the time the driver would talk to me and we would discuss anything under the sun. For what intention would they talk to the passenger? Well I do not know, all I know is that their stories are educational, hey where else can you get first hand accounts on what is happening in the City of Baguio but from those who are constantly roaming the City right?

One of the most memorable discussion I had was when we talked about politics. I think this conversation was sparked by the news of the death of the governor of Mountain Province. The driver told us that in their place, people are united in voting for a candidate and if the people in their place really love how their leader is handling their province, out of respect, no one would oppose him or her during the next elections. However, if the leader did something unscrupulous then he or she can already kiss his or her bid for a second term goodbye.

So I asked him, since he is used to a peaceful type of election, on what he thinks about the competition of politicians in Baguio City, considering that some candidates or their supporters have engaged in mudslinging. This is his answer…”Ammom kanya mi, nu adda ti kasta nga supporter nga talaga nga ilaban na ti kandidato na, ibaga mi nga punasam ti ubet na diay kandidatom. Apay nu malpas election anya aya ti posisyon mo dita city hall?” to translate: You know in our place, if we have that kind of supporter who will do everything to fight for his candidate, we tell him to wipe the butt of his candidate. If the election is done, what would be / will you have a position at city hall?

A very powerful statement and it will make you realize a lot of things for this election. For me it made me ask this question, for the supporters, what’s in it for you? honestly? I hope that position in city hall or in the office of your candidate will be well worth it. For the candidates what is in it for you that you can allow your supporters to engage in a word war online and offline? Are you not contented with them clapping while you deliver your speech? or after your song and dance number during your campaign rally? Thanks for singing, dancing and entertaining us by the way, it just goes to show that our vote is very important that you will go to great lengths just to get our vote. 😉

So how should we vote? Rather, how should we choose the candidate that would deserve our precious vote? Let us not only scrutinize the candidate, let us also scrutinize the people surrounding the candidate, because more often than not these “supporters” will influence the decision of the candidate.

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”


Note: This blog post is inspired by the discussion I had with the taxi driver and the realizations I got after that discussion, this is in no way endorsing any candidate nor this is to discredit any candidate. If you have something constructive to say or add please do so via the comment section. Thank you

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