Ways to Prevent Neck Pains When Traveling

Okay, so this blog post might not be totally about Baguio City. However, if you are a frequent traveler you might want to stay put for a while. Have you ever tried traveling locally and internationally? If so, you might also have experienced dozing off while you are traveling on a bus or an airplane? If you say yes to that dozing off experience then you might also have experienced waking up and feeling a slight if not intense pain on your neck? Personally, I have experienced that so many times especially when I travel via bus, either a regular aircon or a  deluxe bus. The pain on your neck is caused by hyperextending one side of your neck and holding it in that position for a long time. The hyperextension of the muscle could cause that pain.  This neck pain is commonly called as stiff-neck.

More About Stiff Neck

Stiff neck is said to be caused by improper posture. For those working in front of the computer, this is a common occurrence. Improper posture while working in front of your computer can weaken your neck muscles. This is also common to those who frequently look down on their smartphones. A stiff neck can also be acquired through improper sleeping posture. This is why when we travel and sleep on our seat we are prone to such improper posture.

How To Prevent Stiff Neck When Traveling

  1. Stretching  – although it would seem awkward if you start stretching while you are traveling, the idea of stretching actually is to practice such daily. So it would be best to have stretching as part of your daily exercise routine. This way you do not only strengthen your muscles you also increase its flexibility, thus reducing pain due to hyperextension.
  2. Ride Comfortably – personally, when I travel from Baguio City to Manila and back, I see to it that I book my ride on a deluxe bus either from Joybus or Victory Liner. This is because of the fact that they have bigger and comfortable seats. Although it could not totally solve the improper posture problem when I sleep at least It lessens the effect.
  3. Use the Right Neck Pillow – Neck pillows can help you have a better posture when you sleep during travel. However, if you are to buy one, make sure that you choose something that would actually help and not just end up as a “decoration” on your neck. Because of my frequent travel and after buying several types of neck pillows, I realized that not all neck pillows can actually help ease the neck pain or hold me in proper posture while I sleep. Good thing I found the Ostrich Sleeping Pillow. This neck pillow does not only help me have a good sleep, it also helps ease the problem on improper posture when sleeping while traveling. Here’s more information about the Ostrich Sleeping Pillow.


Traveling can be fun and exciting at the same time this is why you do not want such excitement to be dampened by pain on your neck due to improper posture. Travel is meant to be enjoyed. Maligayang Paglalakbay!

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  1. Hi Vince,

    What a great post on avoiding a stiff neck when travelling!

    I actually just published something on stretching exercises that might make a good fit for your page.

    Let me know if you would like me to share the link with you.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work!


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