FWD Live To Move Introduced In Baguio City

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As a blogger, I spend most of my time sitting down, typing away on my computer. Unfortunately, the time I spend sitting down is more than the time I spend working out. Sometimes, days or weeks have gone by and I haven’t had any decent exercise or some sort of fitness activity. If I am to zero in on the problem, I would always say that the problem is time. The time I spend to write a blog post, business proposals or tweak my website may have been taking the supposed time for me to do some physical activity. Of course, these might sound like “reasons” to avoid any physical activity but reality is, we are so engrossed in our work that pulling away from it is tantamount to wasting precious time. But what if there is an exercise method that will allow you to burn 2000 calories in an hour. More than that, what if you could do a systematically design physical activity for only four minutes and the effect is as if you have already done a one-hour workout?

The FWD Motion

Happening now FWD’s #livetomove activity at the Rambakan drive SM Baguio. #BaguioCity #baguiocityguide

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The FWD motion is a method of physical activity which involves four primary movements introduced by Coach Jim and Toni Saret. The movements are the Push, the Jump, the Squat and the Lunge. Although you can use the basic steps as shown during the Live to Move activity in Baguio City, you can actually, improve or modify the primary movements. For example, for the push, you do not only resort to doing push ups rather you can also do it standing up using a resistance band. You can also modify lunge steps by incorporating additional body and hand movements. There are other ways for you to make the primary movements fun and challenging to get the most out of the movements’ calorie-burning capability.

FWD Wellness Party

#livetomove #livetomovebaguio FWD’s advocacy to promote a healthy lifestyle.#baguiocity #baguioph

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The wellness party concept was used by FWD and Coaches Jim and Toni Saret in order to introduce the FWD Motion. From what I have personally experienced, a Wellness party is a group activity with music and lights as the coaches and the participants conduct Zumba or “dance routines” with the FWD motion in mind. The energy in a Wellness party is definitely high, maybe it is brought about by the release of the hormone endorphin due to the energetic exercise. It is also a social event because you get to know people who are also participating in the activity. Thus, all the elements of a party are there less the alcohol because it is substituted by fun brought about by the FWD motion exercise.

The FWD Advocacy

I first heard of the FWD when I saw one of their commercials. FWD is an insurance company and they sell several insurance and investment products. Live To Move is actually a collaborative advocacy between FWD and coaches Jim and Toni Saret in order to encourage the Filipino people to include exercise in their daily routine. By simplifying and cutting down the time to exercise and still get a maximum calorie-burning effect makes the method a lot more enticing especially for someone like me who works online and spends most of the time sitting. This advocacy is said to support the Philippine Heart Association’s 52100 projects.

Why You Should Get Into the FWD Motion

After watching how the FWD motion is done, I would definitely start working on accommodating the exercise in my daily if not weekly schedule or routine. If you are still on the fence on whether you should start moving with the FWD Motion or not here are some reasons why you should.

  1. It takes only 4 minutes to get an effect of an 1 hour of exercise – the FWD motion was developed by world renowned fitness coaches, Jim and Toni Saret. By following the FWD Motion properly, you are able to maximize burning calories through targeted movements.
  2. It is easy to do – the FWD Motion is very easy to do, incorporate the four primary movements and you are all set. You can be creative in the movements, there are no limitations in the possibilities of your movements. The best thing about the FWD Motion is you do not really need too much equipment, you can perform this exercise with just a source of music and you can already start moving.
  3. It is fun – the FWD Motion can transition into a form of dance, a unique one at that. The movements and the possibility of creating new movements make the FWD Motion a lot more fun. Not to mention having to move to the beat of your favorite music.


The FWD Motion changed the way I look at exercise. At first, it was more of a cumbersome activity rather than a fun activity. However with the FWD Motion and with the introduction of the Wellness party makes this kind of exercise a lot more encouraging. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start moving!

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