Are Taxi Drivers In Baguio Losing The Value Of Honesty?

Taxi Story 1

It’s was a fine Friday morning, Maria (not her real name), is in Baguio City to process her PRC ID. Maria is from Central Luzon and she only travels to Baguio City whenever she needs to process certain documents. Incidentally, on that day her sister also went up to Baguio, being a weekend and all. Maria’s sister and her family checked in at a hotel just a few blocks away from the PRC office. After a quick call from Maria’s sister, Maria agreed to meet them at the hotel after transacting with PRC. This is just one of the few times that Maria is in Baguio and she is really unfamiliar with the City. So after transacting with PRC, Maria decided to hail a cab. She told the taxi driver where she is going and the taxi driver replied “sigurado ka?”. Of course, she is sure that she needs to go to that hotel where her sister checked-in. Being unfamiliar with Baguio City, she didn’t know that the hotel is just a five minutes walk from the PRC office. Without saying anything else, the taxi driver turned on the meter as soon as Maria was inside the taxi. Then a short 1-minute ride later, the taxi driver said, “nandito na po”.

Taxi Story 2

Jessie (not his real name) is a resident of Baguio, he hailed a taxi one night along Session Road. Upon reaching his destination, the meter showed P90 as his taxi fare, currently, a ruling from LTO/LTFRB stated that the meter fare should be less P5.00 so the actual taxi fare must be P85. Jessie handed out a P100 bill, the driver gave him P10 change. Jessie asked for the P5.00 politely then the taxi driver reacted as if he didn’t know of forgot about the less P5.00 rule even though it is already clearly posted inside his taxi. Unfortunately, Jessie experienced this incident several times and the reactions are the same but sometimes if he’s unlucky, the taxi driver will give him dagger looks and speed off as soon as he closed the door.

Weighing In

These are true stories based on the experience of these two persons and we bet you might have experienced it too if you have been riding a taxi for your commute around Baguio City. If this keeps up, taxi drivers in Baguio will lose their reputation as one of the honest drivers in the Philippines. A reputation that was built because of their practice of returning the passengers change to the last peso, which is not the practice when you ride a taxi down in the Metro.

Are our taxi drivers in Baguio City losing the honesty as one of their innate values? Whatever happened to “kahit piso ibabalik?” Of course, there are still some taxi drivers who are honest enough to give the correct change, or at least be honest enough to inform the passenger that he or she can just walk from point A to point B rather than get a 1-minute taxi ride.

So I pose this question once again, Are Baguio Taxi Drivers losing the Value of Honesty?

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