7 Days To Go!

What’s happening in 7 days? Well it’s the foundation day of our beloved City! There are lots of activities to be excited about. But one particular thing that I am excited about is the opening of one of Baguio City’s iconic McDonalds branch, McDonalds Session Road.

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

So what makes this particular McDonalds branch special? It is because this is among the first business that opened in Baguio City after the city was devastated by a strong earthquake in 1990. The presence of this franchise in the City of Pines signaled the recovery and growth of the City once again. So when McDonalds Session closed last June 2014, I paid tribute to this iconic branch through an article.

7 Days to McDonalds Session Opening

So after 2 years McDonalds Session will again open its doors on the same day when the City was founded! September 1!  So I guess we will again say “kita kits sa McDo Session” soon!


What’s your fondest memories in McDonalds Session? Share it on the comment section below!

Oh by the way! We’re giving our some McDonalds Goodies in the days leading to the Re-opening of McDonalds Session Road! So stay tuned!

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