Discovering The Harvest of Sablan

They say the best travel experience are those that go unplanned. It’s been ages since I last traveled outside Baguio City (yes not even La Trinidad) and I have been trying to seize the opportunity to travel and discover outside of Baguio. So one day it was decided that we are going to Sablan.

Why Sablan?

For me as a kid growing up in Baguio, Sablan is the municipality before you exit the area of Benguet and into La Union. It is a stop over for buses going to Baguio City via Naguillan Road, an a place where you can buy pineapples. Years have passed and Sablan is also showcasing their new harvest apart from the Pineapple, it seems that they are also producing, if not just selling, fruits that were originally found only in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, like Mangosteen, Marang, Durian among others. Having heard of that and having craving for those fruits for ages, yes of course they sell that in one of Baguio’s supermarket but the price is astronomical, you would understand how excited I was going to Sablan.

Sweet Potatoes and Pineapples

Through the Thick Fog

Foggy Road To Sablan

Sablan is about 30-45 minutes from Baguio City, it is mountainous in terrain but the road is surprisingly smooth except for the sinking area which I heard is a perennial problem. It was in the afternoon when we went to Sablan and the thick fog started rolling in the mountains. The fog caused almost zero visibility but that did not deter us from traveling. Since it is foggy we were not able to see the beauty of the mountain side and the lowlands from a distance.

Disappointed But Not Totally

When we reached the town of Sablan, we immediately went to the fruit stall and to our disappointment the fruits that we were looking for are not available. According to the sellers the fruits were easily sold during their festival last September 3-4. So what was left were the fruits that were not sold. We went from stall to stall hoping to find at least one of the fruits that we were looking for but to no avail. Until we found an old lady selling “Santol” or Cotton Fruit. Although it is not in our list we bought some anyway since we didn’t want to go back empty handed. Surprisingly, the price of the Cotton Fruit is at P20/kilo which is cheaper when you buy it in the markets of Baguio City.

Going Back From Sablan

Your 1 peso can buy a banana

On our way back, we saw a house with a small fruit stand and they were selling pineapples, we stopped to buy some and realized how cheap the pineapples were. It’s just P10/piece, although small in size, still, way cheaper. We also saw some sweet potatoes which were priced at P25/kilo and Bananas priced at P1/each. We bought the Sweet Potatoes, Bananas and But still no fruits popular in the southern region.

P10/pc Pineapple Anyone?

At The Sinking Area

As we climb back to Baguio we decided to stop at the fruit stand by the “sinking area”. To our surprise, we found a Marang! Although it wasn’t ripe yet we bought a piece at P70/kilo. Finally our quest is complete! We also bought lemons and bananas (the different kind).

Finally Marang! After 2 days it ripened and the flesh was so sweet!


It was a fun experience, yes it mostly involved searching for fruit stands aboard a vehicle but still, once you find what you are looking for it is so satisfying. Pardon is boy from the mountain if I go crazy over fruits rather than that of a popular celebrity.

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